Craig is recovering!

By Paul Anthony

Are you a Bond fan? Of course you are who isn’t? When News broke that Daniel Craig would be returning as James Bond after years of rumors that he was done with Bond and rumors of people set to replace him. That all went away when filming began and he showed up to play James Bond. I admit I was excited to hear the good news since I believe him to be the best Bond in recent history and verdict is still out if he is the best Bond ever, though I know some fans will disagree with me but just look at the body of work he has done with the character.

It’s sad that we went through the drama of film rights and what not which put this movie on ice until everything was settled. Just as filming begun something and that was a big something, and that was Craig was injured during a running scene and first it just seemed like it was no big deal but that was until reports came out and said that he was flown back to the states. At this point the fan base was on pins and needles. Sadly we learned that he would have ankle surgery. Yikes not the type of news we wanted to hear. But we also know Craig does his own stunts and when you do your own stunts this is part of the job, which he understands.

Well there is good news and that news is recently Daniel himself posted a picture that he was back at the gym and working out, but there was bad news as well. If look at the rest of photo you will see he is in a big boot and you can guess that when someone wearing a boot normally is down and out for 6 to 8 weeks which means the release date for Bond 25 is put on hold.

As of right now Bond 25 which has yet to be given an title was set to come out in April of 2020, with this set back I would almost assume that the film will be pushed back until the fall of 2020 at the earliest. This will be bittersweet in some ways because Craig did say this would be his last Bond film. And now with the wait even longer. I can hope that this film will be worth it. I am digging the plot with him being out of active service, we can only hope the final film will be a good one!

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