WWE Fantasy Booking Part 2: Booking a star and Bayley’s heel turn

By : Justin Hopkins

This will be a little harder. There is a lot of moving parts and hoping a hole lot of things change along the way, but I am going to go big and try to bring it all home at the end. End goal, not just make a moment, but make a Mania Level Moment. So, no pressure. I am still playing under the same rules as I made before, but unlike the last one, that was already going, this one appears to be just starting, and this is how I would really like it to go, or something similar, and I am doing this one, more on the fear they are going to screw the pooch hard on this one, and that is Sonya Deville. Sonya is a tremendously good worker and is capable of putting on great matches and has deserved a push for a long while now. So, lets give her a push of a lifetime.

I like the idea of her and Mandy Rose having the on screen relationship, I want to get the most out of this, in the best way possible, and not drop down to HLA (Hot Lesbian Action) for the love of everything, don’t drop it down to HLA. It’ll ruin everything. Instead, let their relationship grow and blossom slowly though. All the while, she is picking up wins left and right. It’ll be easier, if they were clean wins, but momentum going into the Smackdown after Summerslam is key. Her and Mandy is on the way to the ring, and are attacked from behind by Bayley. This is Bayley’s heel turn. Bayley, has been running as a good character for so long, and has been running out of steam with it and it shows. This opens up a wide range of places for her to go. Anyways she comes out and goes way overboard. Attacking them with a chair, and leaves them in a heap. Her reason, is our fear. That this is going to go way wrong, and the women in the back have worked to hard to look like legit wrestlers in the back. This leads to a Championship match at Clash Of Champions. Bayley wins, by cheating. In October, there is an open slot for a PPV, which I think Evolution will land. Rematch is set and will close the show. Lean heavy on Promos between Sonya and Mandy. Sonya is doubting herself, and Mandy is there to hold her up. Reminding her that she is a bad ass and at Evolution, she will be Smackdown’s Women’s Champion, and yes, she does walk away victorious at Evolution. (If Evolution doesn’t happen. Then Survivor Series.)

Once again, Sonya goes on a tear. Beating everyone in her path, and the title never looked better. At the Rumble, Kairi Sane walks away victorious, because of her manager Paige. She begins to light into Sonya. Blaming her for the reason Paige walked away from the group. Don’t know if they should use her being gay as an insult. Think the way this works the best, would be to play this like a normal relationship (because it is) but the option is there, and would definitely fuel the rivalry leading to Mania. Where Sonya successfully defends her title. Building her stardom within the company, and further making herself a hero for girls around the world. Especially, those who are gay and have someone to look up to, and the camera is on her and Mandy during the celebration. Maybe the camera pans away for a moment so she can have a moment with her real life partner, but everything works out, and you get the most out if it.

Now, a slight down. She should drop the strap on Smackdown to debuting Shayna Blazer. This isn’t a downgrade for Sonya. Just frees up Fire and Desire to enter a fued with Twisted Warriors for the Tag Team belts.

And that is all I got. I hope you enjoyed this. May just be Fantasy booking, but we created a powerhouse team of Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss and showed off the Star Power of one Sonya Deville based off a tease on Smackdown. One can hope WWE does it better and this is all crazy ramblings of a fan who wants nothing but the best for everyone involved.

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