WWE Fantasy Booking Part 1: Cross and Bliss


By: Justin Hopkins

Alright, to tell the truth, I don’t really like this kind of stuff. Would much rather let the stories play out through the show. Honestly though, there is so few good reasons to tune in to either Raw and Smackdown anymore, and if I can’t pretend that they’ll take the good ones they got to better places then I got no hope going forward, and decided to share this little bit for the readers. Before I get started, I’ll go over my guidelines real fast and jump right into it. First, none of these are way out of reality. Can all be easily achieved. Two, a little harder, but let the wrestlers make up their own promos. Especially, in part 2, It’ll mean more, if she truly believes her words. Three, this all picks up now, going into extreme rules. So, I’ll be going off how things lay. Alright, lets get this going cause it might be a little long. Starting with Nikki Cross, Alexa Bliss and Smackdown Champion Bayley.

Keep everything going the way it has been going. Alexa manipulating Nikki Cross into helping her get into Bayley’s head leading up to Extreme Rules. Everyone seeing what is going on, except Nikki to the point she lashes out to those trying to talk sense into her. She is just not listening and doesn’t want to here it, until she catches Alexa trying to manipulate her, at Extreme Rules. This sends her into a rage like no other. Laying out both of them. Screaming, I JUST WANTED SOMEONE TO PLAY WITH! After this Bayley manages to get her bearings together long enough to pick up the win.

The next night, Nikki has fallen back into her frantic, crazed state. Challenging and destroying a random opponent. After you get a promo in the back, where two of the other women wrestlers, are scolding Alexa for creating this monster. That they finally got her calmed down, and now shes off her rocker again. While she puts on the heel front, she is sort of shaken. Realizing Nikki really was her friend and is missing having her around. This is all leading up to a triple threat at Summerslam, between Cross, Bliss, and Bayley. I know, it doesn’t make much sense, I don’t like champions playing second fiddle in their own match, but they won’t have time to build another rivalry for Bayley, and she’s already involved. During said match, Bliss will have a chance to hit the DDT on Cross, but is going to hesitate. Not wanting to do this to her friend, and Bayley will take advantage. Landing a Belly-to-Bayley on Bliss for the win. Afterwards. Cross and Bliss will be staring at one another. Cross knowing Bliss should have beat her, and her friend may still be there, but the true reunion happens tomorrow.

On Raw, we see Nikki in the back. Rocking a bit. Thinking about the night before when Bliss comes up to her. Apologizing again and saying if she could forgive her, she got them a match against the IIconics and hopes to see her out there. Which, she will be. Nikki starts to set up for the neck breaker. Before she hits it, she looks to Bliss, and hold out her hand. Giving her a nod, and tags in Bliss. Who climbs the ropes, Cross hits the neck breaker, then Twisted Bliss, Ala Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb. Creating a new powerful team, capable of winning the Women’s Tag Team Championship at Clash of Champions. There names being Twisted Warriors, cause it’s WWE and I can’t change everything about it.

I know it may sound weird trying to turn Alexa Bliss. She’s a very accomplished heel and has done a great job, but this could breath some fresh air into her character, and allow her to try her hand at something new, while using her reputation to help build an ailing Women’s Tag Team Division. Don’t worry, in Part 2, I’ll be turning Bayley, and trying to create a new star in the process.

Thanks for reading


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