Hellboy Movie Review

By Justin Hopkins

This was one of the movies I was looking forward to the most going into this year, and was getting seriously worried going into it. Was a big fan of the first two movies and as good as they were, did not want to see a third one be made. The last scene of Liz saying she was pregnant with twins and his shocked look, didn’t leave much hope that a third would have been anywhere near as good as the first two, and there has been enough awful part three movies to add to it. Have read a few comic, not enough to be a die-hard like some of  my friends are, but more than enough to get me excited. Started to get really nervous as I started avoiding one bad review after another, and went and saw on Saturday, and have to tell you; this movie, this movie was an amazing, thrill ride that kept me hooked from start to finish, and left me wanting so so much more.

Movie started out, with a flashback of when the Blood Queen reigned during the Dark Ages and her downfall to King Arthur. Narrated by Ian McShane, which was a fun way to go, because of how much energy and started to show that this professor Broom was going to have an attitude and an edge to him. Then you make the jump to present day where Hellboy is tracking his friend, in Tijuana. A simple job turned tragic when he finds his friend had been turned into a vampire, and while trying to reach him, accidentally kills him. Leaving him in a rattled and confused state. That set off the Arc Hellboy would travel on throughout the movie. Where he is frustrated and conflicted over where he stood in this world. Wanting to be more than just a weapon and wanting to explore more peaceful way for monster and humans could coincide together without bloodshed and death. While at the same time, Gruagach was working to reassemble the Blood Queen Nimue, to seek revenge on Hellboy. While she is conspiring for something much grander of her own.

There is so much I like about this movie and I’ll kick it off with the Storytelling. While they didn’t do everything the way they did in the comics, but was blown away by how much they drew from them. The Wild Hunt and Alice especially. Where he was went on the Wild Hunt and was stabbed in the back by the Osiris Club to stop him from bringing about the Apocalypse to his fight with the giants was shocking and exciting to see played out, and loved the intensity he had during the flashback where he was uncovering the changeling that took baby Alice’s place. Gave me one of my favorite scenes of him yelling up the furnace, threatening to come to the fairy home world, if they did not bring the baby back was so believable and great scene to have. In a desperate attempt to avoid anymore spoilers, I’ll move on from scenes but there were so many more great moments. Plus I would absolutely watch a Lobster Johnson movie, as cheesy as he was, I want to know more.

There was an abundance of actors and actresses in this movie. Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Daniel Dae Kim. Milla Jovovich played Blood Queen to perfection. Even when she was in pieces, made you believe she was the most dangerous person in the area. but I will point out two. One of which of course, is David Harbour. Had big shoes to fill following Ron Pearlman, and he blew it out of the water. You felt for him when he was drunk at the bar, having just lost his friend, and wanting to just be alone. His struggle to find his place was captivating, and his interactions with new characters were fun and always kept you wondering what he was about to do next. Next, was Troy James’s Baba Yaga. Wow, was it disturbing and twisted. Wanted to look away but kept your eyes forward at the same time, and have no idea how he moved the way he did, but bravo to him. Joel Harlow deserves a world of credit of his own, for making the prosthetics and make-up bringing Baba Yaga out of the comic, and Troy James brought her to life in horrifying fashion. Teased just enough to want more, and in the event this movie can get a sequel. Hope Troy James and David Harbour, are the first two signed on.

It is unfortunate that Hellboy is dying in the Box Office, because this movie was stellar. It was a thrill ride through and through. There were some questionable CGI moments, but not nearly enough to effect things. Loved the giants and the monsters at the end were beautiful and screamed something out of a Mike Mignola comic. definitely, not like the first two.  May not follow the comics religiously, but take large, whole parts and twist them together to perfection. Giving those who do follow a real treat. Going R rated was definitely the right call. I don’t normally add a rating, but this is easily, 4.25 out of 5 and well worth the watch. I do strongly suggest checking this out in theaters, and coming up with an opinion of your own.

Thank you for reading.


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