WrestleMania 35 match card and predictions

By: Justin Hopkins

I’ve been a wrestling fan for 21 years. Been through a lot of good and bad and in between. I’ve seen some of the best moments and some pretty poor ones, but this WrestleMania lead up has not only been frustrating, but has seemed to suck all the joy I had after the Royal Rumble left me on an all time high. Have been thinking long and hard about how this blog and having to wait till they got close to a complete card and they still don’t seem to have a raw tag title match, but I digress. This is my full rundown and what I expect from the matches.

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

Actually have high hopes for this match. Due to time restraints they didn’t have much time to build their fued but both should how great they are in building excitement and name value alone carries weight. Expecting them to tear it up and exciting like only they can. At least 3 stars with a potential to steal the show, going with AJ, but could go either way.

Winner AJ Styles

Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre

I mean..okay guess they need something to do. Roman getting cheers off his return from beating cancer and Drew being a monster heel. Haven’t watched a Roman match in over a year and a half so there’s that. Want to see Drew get the win to continue his monsterous heel run, but have a feeling Roman will get the win from a departing Dean Ambrose.

Winner Roman Reigns

Shane Mcmahon vs The Miz

This has been a fun ride. Glad to see a heel turn for Shane O’Mac and The Miz just oozes charisma and has been absolutely intense on the mic. Shane is a walking highlight reel and The Miz can get a good match from anyone at this point. Throw in falls count anywhere and it’s promising to be a thrilling ride. Looking forward to Miz getting his payback and having a massive Mania Moment.

Winner The Miz

Triple H vs Batista (No holds barred and Triple H career on the line.)

I have no problem believing this will be good because these two have torn it up on multiple occasions. I have enjoyed the promos but do feel it should be reversed since Triple H never defeated The Animal, but with that said, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT, a Batista victory.

Winner Batista

Intercontinental Championship- Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley

The Demon Balor will be there. That’s about it. They screwed the pooch with them having Finn win at Fastlane and drop it back 2 weeks later and with The Demon being undefeated, guessing it’s going back to the Demon.

Winner New Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor

US Title Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe

These two are capable of putting on good matches. Have no idea why Dominic is back though. One of the worst and uncomfortable storylines in recent memory and he’s back again in a story similar to what Miz and Shane did. Hopefully Joe maintains since he just now got a chance to shine with a title.

Winner Samoa Joe retains

Smackdown Tag Team Championship- Ricochet and Aleister Black vs Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura vs The Bar vs The Usos

First of many multi person matches and perhaps will be the best. This match was literally made an hour ago and has absolute no build. Guess they couldn’t be bothered. Just a tag team title match at their biggest shows. Going with the champs to retain.

Winner The Usos retain

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin

I wouldn’t actually mind seeing this match. They have been picking at one another back since Angle was GM and Corbin is capable of having a good match, but with their talk of a swerve being possible and I feel like it’ll be John Cena to have Kurt’s last match and that is the way he should go out. Thank you Kurt Angle, for all the memories and hope you go out the way you should, a winner.

Winner Kurt Angle

Women’s Tag Team Championship – The Iiconics vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs Nia Jaxs and Tamina vs Sasha Banks and Bayley

While I wish this could have just been 2 on 2 due to multi person matches being overloaded at times. Would have liked it more if they would have not included Tamina and Nia. They have so many blotches and I get that wrestling is tough and I could never do what they do, but they really borderline wrecklace and any other team would have been better. I hope it’s a good one though because I like what Sasha and Bayley have done since Elimination Chamber and Beth looks fantastic going into it.

Winner Sasha Banks and Bayley retains

Women’s Battle Royal

You know what would have been better then this. Since Vince seems to love them all of a sudden. Have Asuka defend her title in one instead of saying screw it and give us this instead.

Winner Asuka

Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Match really means nothing to anything. Who cares.

Winner Apollo Crews

Universal Title match- Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar

Seth really deserves this moment. He’s been the highlight of raw for years and his matched are always must see. He’s really carried this rivarly and can not wait for him to slay the beast.

Winner and new champion Seth Rollins

WWE Championship- Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan

Wow am I excited for this match. Kofi has turned it up so much these last few months and the feeling of hope and belief is one that has been absent for a long time. While Bryan has been a text book example of stellar Villain. My brain tells me that it’ll be Bryan walking out victorious but I can’t do it. LETS GO KOFI! Kofi! Kofi!

Winner New WWE Champion KOFI KINGSTON

Main event Triple threat winner takes all Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Rhonda Rousey

This rivalry died so damn fast. The raw after the rumble and the confrontation between Becky and Rhonda was magical. Made me so excited for the two of them to build a fantastic rivarly and be a legendary moment and deep down knew they had to be the Main Event and ever since then, the writing and direction they went has done everything in it’s power to ruin it all. Adding Charlotte, who is extremely talented and one of the very best, but has no reason to be here. Then Becky had to win her way back in, diluting her victory at the Rumble which is only the second women’s Rumble and they botched it up already, and you haven’t made Becky look strong either. She won by DQ. Then to top it off they take the title off Asuka and put it on Charlotte to do a unification with no time to build a story for it. All they have done is give a giant middle finger to everyone who was so excited to see Becky vs Rhonda for the sake of adding to a story that didn’t need the weight of Charlotte and the wasted Smackdown Women’s title spot. The only thing that’ll make it better is to have Becky win because if I have had to deal with all of this Bullshit. The hero better walk away the victor.

Winner and new Smackdown and Raw Champion Becky Lynch.

I know this was long and got kind of preachy at the end. Thank you for reading along.


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