DC 1000 Review

By Justin Hopkins

Going to go ahead and warn you all that this is going to be a little more spoiler heavy then I tend to like to go. I’m going to try and keep it down the best I can but I’m probably going to go a little further. So if you haven’t read it yet or are planning on picking it up. Click back and come back after because this was such a good read and don’t want to blow anything for you.

With that out, wow was this good. Had a little reluctance with this book because how let down I was with Action Comics. The had an all star class of writers and artists to come in and worried about how much they would get to put together their vision, and they all really delived. Worst being just okay and going up to just emotional charged and just perfect and reason why they are amongst the best. Giving us stories worthy being in 1000.

Kicking us off with the talented Scott Snyder, in the Longest Case. Which was a fun little tale of Batman closing in on him solving a case that goes all the way back to the start. Going into every bit of a process and walks in and finds that it has all been a test, and that his reward is exactly what he longs for and that is more riddles. It was a good, fun way to kick things off and got the book going in the right direction.

The three stand outs were Warren Ellis, Brian Michael Bendis, and Kevin Smith. Geoff Johns was pretty close but these three were just so epic for only 8 to 10 pages a piece.

Warren Ellis was just haunting at showing how methodical he was at taking down this group of criminals. Positioning them exactly where he needed them to be and the final showdown between him and the suicide bomber and his speech over already being dead and haunting the living was awesome. Just adrenaline charged from start to finish.

Bendis was just fun all the way around. Showing and old man penguin squaring off with an old man in a wheelchair. Telling the story of how he discovered Bruce Wayane was Batman, and how he was so close to simply killing him but didn’t. Going back and forth between that and the old men. Turning out the wheelchair bound man is I’m fact Bruce. Penguin getting to the point where he was berating him about being smarter then him and gets zapped by a stun gun from his chair. Sitting forward and called him a coward and he always knew penguin knew and didn’t ever fear him trying to do anything. Which was just funny and great wit and good middle story.

But in my opinion, the best story was Kevin’s Smith. Not going what happened because you need to experience it yourself, but was not ready for a heartfelt story that really hit home. Really got to the heart of things and made you feel bad for Batman and really just hit hard. Classic example of what drives him, and Kevin Smith is just a genius for doing so much with a simple action. If you check this out for one reason; this is it.

The art work was beautiful and everyone really brought their best out. Each unique style blended together so well and as much as I liked the Bat family picture they took together I loved the photo made by Jason Fabox and Brad Anderson. Had the heroes on the left and the villains on the right with Catwoman smack in the middle with the pages having her split in two. Which is what sells this picture for me. Such a fun small detail which was smartly utilizes her walking the fine line between them.

My only real negative is Paul Dini and it hurts just writing that. I love Paul Dinis work so much but this was just bad. The twist was dumb and the jokes fell flat and the last panel was cringe worthy. Wasn’t a bad story the playful art style and did Ivy and Harley well but expected more.

All around I strongly suggest you go out and pick it up. For the historical value alone. It’s 80 years and 1000 issues and was such a gift to us all. Stories were great fun. Action packed and had plenty of heart felt moments we have come to expect from these masterful story tellers. Go out and pick it up and tell me what your favorite story is, or better yet, what cover did you get. I got the Frank Miller 80s Dark Knight and it looks sweet.

Thank you for reading.

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