Where to go from Super

By Justin Hopkins

With Dragon ball in the midst of its Dragon Ball Super Broly’s limited release here in the states. Having crossed the 67 million dollar marker. As well as the English dubbed version of the tournament of power getting started on Cartoon Network. Now is about the time to go in to discussion about where the series, most importantly where things can go after the tournament. I never really go about something like this, but I heard an idea, that triggered what this blog has become and here we are now. So cutting this ramble on, here are my three ideas for future arcs going from here.

Universe 6

The Tournament of Destroyers introduced us to a new universe of Saiyans in the form of Cabba. Then built off it with the introduction of Caulifla and Kale in Tournament of Power. The relationship built up between the three of them and Goku and Vegeta alone is enough to see more of it, and the perfect scenerio would be to have them need to come save them from a rampaging Champa. They kind of implied that he has been losing his temper over their failure to defeat universe 7 and loss in power would be the final straw and he begins to eliminate the fighters. Would create a peril of them needing to unite to defeat a Destroyer God and what happens could lead to a ripple effect between the Z fighters and Lord Beerus.


Have to take a moment to give credit where credit is due. Came up with this blog from watching Masako X talking about the old universe being brought back by 17 wish. If you haven’t seem his videos go check them out. His love of the show comes through and does great work.

With Broly showing how much success movie villains can have. It might be time to look back at another great in the form of Freiza’s Brother Cooler. Can set it up as him being the ruler of one of the universes that Zeno destroyed.. because of Cooler’s attitude in general. That would be a reason why King Cold knew of the Gods to have the hindsight to warn Frieza to steer clear of Lord Beerus. Cooler back and threatening to take control of the Frieza empire he has amast at the end of Super and put him in a spot where he needs to seek help from Goku, cause is his mind, they owe him for his performance in Tournament of Power. Goku would go just for a strong fight and Vegeta would go to keep a new evil from forming. Giving them a chance for flashbacks from Frieza’s past and his upringing.


It’s hard to talk about the future of Dragon Ball without talking GT. While I’m not going to say whether it’s good or not, but either retconning it or leaping even further may not be a bad idea, for at least a short little arc that occurred past GT. With Goku and Vegeta nearing the end of their life. Allowing more focus to be put on the adults, Pan, Bulla, Trunks, and Goten. Having their own adventures and finding their own way of fighting styles and transformations, since they are half-breeds. You can also loop in older versions of Caulifla and Kale to be instructors for Pan. Options are unlimited by turning the clock ahead.

It’s a great time to be a Dragon Ball fan right now. Broly is cleaning up in the box office, Tournament of power starting it’s English run, and proving to still be a beloved series around the world. Future is bright and I for one am excited for what comes next. Thanks for reading.

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