Do we really have to remake Shrek?

BY Paul Anthony

We now know remakes are happening all the time these days and now a modern day classic is getting remade and this strictly comes down to the studio wanting more money from a franchise that has been done for nearly a decade. This classic is the film Shrek, which to this day I love watching and just before they announced this, I was actually watching Shrek. As I stated I believe this is just the studio trying to get money out of this after all that is the number one reason why studios remake films to simply make money. Now some films can do good from being remade but Shrek is just not one of them.

Shrek was released in 2001 and was a big hit among families and both children and adults loved it. It gave us something different, the adult humor was there and was so nice about it that children could.t catch the jokes but the adults did. The story was good and the comedy was great and it was a computer animated film which was the first of it’s kind. The effects were so good that here I am watching it and seeing there is nothing that looked bad, this film was so far ahead of it’s time that it isn’t funny. Now the last time we saw Shrek in action was back in 2010 when the fourth film was released. Shrek four was called Shrek : The Final Chapter, which if you go by the title it seems this film would wrap up everything and call it  day. The film was still strong with grossing money and made 800 plus million and when your fourth film does that much  by all accounts we could almost expect a fifth film and they did announced that fifth film was planned but was cancelled. To this day, we don’t know why, I am guessing they just jumped the gun and thought people were done with Shrek.

With that being said i know it is safe to say it was only a matter of time for them to see that they could still make money off of Shrek. We just thought after eight years there wouldn’t be a Shrek film for a very long time, but here we are. The Studio wants to get the original cast back which in my mind would tell me, they would want a fifth film and not a reboot because with a reboot this would require a whole new cast. So are they already dooming this project because they can’t figure out what they actually want. Now they could do a prequel with right script if they want the same cast to return and do something where they change the timeline and we are all okay with it. Just look at X-Men Days of Future Past for an good example. Once there are more details we dive right into them.


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