The Harvey Case

By Paul Anthony

Just last week the entertainment industry got rocked hard and that is no punt intended but last Thursday a story broke about Harvey Weinstein, some of us may have never heard of him while others have, you may recognize the last name and both are one. Harvey was the co-founder of Miramax and the Weinstein company, which have produce number of movies. But last week a story broke that accused Harvey of sexual harassing and assaulting and even raping women over three decades.

On October 5th, Megan Twoney and Jody Kantor published an Expose in the New York times accusing Harvey of these crimes and five days later, American writer Ronan farrow who is the son of Woody Allen stated the number of women was 16. 13 of them were harassed while the other 3 were raped, he also stated that he wanted to break the news sooner but his company NBC News told him not to.  A Possible cover up there just maybe. Because of this Harvey wife of ten decided it was enough and left him.

You may ask why are we hearing about this just now? In these reports, it was stated that Harvey spent a lot of money either paying the women off either in a settlement or on his own behave. Some actresses reported that when they turned Harvey down, he would drop them from any projects that they were in. However, two very large profile actresses came forwarding claiming Harvey of harassing them, those two are Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow. Brad Pitt stated he had tell Harvey to back off from his wife.

Many politicians, who Harvey donated to are now sending his donations to women organizations. Now Weinstein’s lawyer Lisa Bloom stated that her client denies any of the wrong doing that he is accused of but from criticism, Lisa announced that she would not be representing Harvey any longer, which as quit as she left, his new lawyer Charles Harder would be suing both the New Yorker and Times for causing this mess.

Rather he truly sues or not is a different story but the damage has been done. He was fired from the company that he helped started and his wife left him in a hurry, his public imagine is ruin and I am. This might cause a ripple in Hollywood because many actresses are speaking up while the actors who have worked with Harvey are staying silent or saying no comment, which maybe ticking the women off. This story is new and big so I am sure more details will come out as we get deeper into this.



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