This is such Hocus Pocus!

By Paul Anthony


In 1993 a Disney movie was released it was called Hocus Pocus, now the film wasn’t a hit in fact, it was nearly a flop. The budget was 28 million and the film only grossed 35 million. But like many films now it became a cult classic and had its own fan base, years began to pass and fans started to scream we want a sequel and it never happened. Recently rumors came up and it seems like part would finally be happening, well we all jumped the gun, it is true another film is finally happening but it’s not what we all want.

That is right Disney announced that another film was happening in the form of a remake and it gets better, it will better, it will be a TV Movie on their Disney channel. We know in a remake that there will be a new cast redoing the story but we haven’t heard if the original cast will make cameos but is this what we really wanted?

I truly haven’t watch anything new on the Disney channel, it seems like that channel has lost its steam with making good movies on that channel. I remember hits like Halloween town and High school musical and so on but nowadays the hits aren’t there and they want to do a film that people been dying for? This is a big risk, now Disney does a lot right with their films, I don’t think anyone can deny that but as Disney grew I believe the channel has become an afterthought. Now maybe it’s their way of getting people back to watching that channel. As much as I don’t want this remake to happen, when they release it I will be watching it, to see how good or bad it truly is.

Now I am disappointed that there won’t be a true sequel but at times when I watched the first film I wonder if Disney wanted to do a sequel they would have. I watched and I realize that the film was clear with being a one-time thing. We live in an era where fans want a sequel when there doesn’t need to be one. This is where remakes come in so studios can change some things around so they can produce those part two and threes.

So, what can we expect? Well the channel now caters to the young audience more than ever so expect the comedy to be for kids and forget the horror. Needless to say I think this film will disappoint us more than anything but hey we wanted it right?

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