Jeepers Creepers mess

By Paul Anthony

There is an old saying and I am sure you have heard of it, it goes a little like this once you do the crime you pay the time. We know a lot of people commit crimes and sometimes, they are crimes we just can’t forgive even with the time they have served. But if someone commits a crime and pays the time comes out and has a successful career shortly after but recently for some odd reason people decide to open old wounds and in this blog, I am going to talk about the time lime and outcome which is the frustrating part.

In 2001 in august a horror movie was released and the title was called Jeepers Creepers, the movie had a budget of ten million and made money it was a modest success which spawned a sequel just two years later which also had success and the studio got the greenlit make a part three, now it would take 14 years for the third film. Now for some odd reason there was controversy, people started to boycott this film but just this film and I wondered why.

The Jeepers creepers franchise has been directed by Victor Salva, now he has been directing films since 1986. Now here is where things become a little messy. In 1988 Salva pleaded guilty to lewd and lascivious and oral sex with a person under 14. He made a tape of him having sex with a 12-year-old male actor from one of his films in his home, he was sentenced to 3 years in prison which he served 15 months and was off parole in 1992. Now this crime is unforgiven and sick on so many levels. I don’t know where to even begin but it is sick, what’s shocking is that he had a more productive career after the fact.

He will always have this on his record and it’s not going anytime soon, since his conviction he has directed 10 films, counting the Jeepers Creepers film series. Out of those ten films only one just one stirs up a big mess, but it’s not the film but the director’s nonsense which occurred twenty plus areas ago. Now I just don’t understand how his latest film stirs up a mess to get pulled but the people wanted this film pulled but not the previous 9 films that he directed. I must say the people who protested this film are nothing more than a hypocrite. I say this with passion that those people could have done this protesting years ago and could have stopped his career from happening but they didn’t. Look why now that is what I keep asking myself and I hope you are doing the same.


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