Second half of 2017 MLB season

By: Justin Hopkins 

 And that is the end of the 2017 MLB regular season, and what a second half we had. From thrilling finishes, records falling, and heartbreaking losses.  An exciting way to cap an epic season,  and no better way to start this blog, then with the records. 

 For the sixth time since 1942, three teams have finished with over a hundred wins;  Cleveland Indians 102-60, L.A. Dodgers 104-58, and Houston Astros 101-61. While Houston seeks it’s first ever World Series win and the Cleveland Indians 22 undefeated streak well documented.  The L.A. Dodgers hit a few roadblocks after the all-star game. Becoming the first team to not only win 15 out of 16, but lose 15 of 16. While we’re on the topic of 100. The Minnesota Twins are the first team to make the playoffs a year after losing over a hundred (59-103) 

 Homeruns were leaving the park at an all time high. Aaron Judge setting the Rookie marker with 52 homeruns and in the process took Babe Ruth’s record in Yankee Stadium with 33. If he can get his strikeouts down, 208, they won’t be the only homerun records he takes in his bright future.

 On the National side, Giancarlo Stanton lead the league with 59 homers.  Sparking the conversation over whether he should get the NL MVP, but in my opinion, that honor should go to Charlie Blackmon. Capturing the record for leadoff RBIs. Without his massive contribution the Rockies may not have been able to hold off the charging Brewers. He is a major reason Colorado is going to the post season for the first time since 2009, and that’s the sole definition of Most Valuable Player. 

 The hungry Chicago Cubs out to prove they are not a flash in the pan, pulled it together to win the National League Central, and the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees in a highly contested America League East. First time Boston won back-to-back Division titles since Divisional Era began in 1969.

 The season may be over,  but the most exciting part is set to begin. Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros, Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs, L.A. Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Colorado Rookies have all punched their tickets to the post season. Minnesota visiting New York gets us started tomorrow night.  Where anything can happen and only one can take home the glory.  This post season has lined up the a highly competitive, explosive post season. 


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