Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

By Paul Anthony

A few years back there was a sleeper hit called Kingsman: The secret service, the film had a modest budget and had an opening weekend where it only made 30 million but then went on to gross 414 million overalls, this past weekend saw the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle, so how did this one lived up to the first film.

The first filmed had a 70 percent critic rating where this film has 51 percent so why the 19- point drop? I watched the first film before I saw this film and the main thing I realized was if the film is good and meant to be a one and done film and then they decide to do a part two they will most likely do the same thing again in hopes of it working again, sometimes it works but it hurts the growth of the franchise. The potty humor was still there which provided the laughs of course, which makes you forget the weak story that follows, which are spoilers so please do not read unless you dare. So, the story goes a big-time drug dealer basically wants to return home but must poison her drugs which will poison the people forcing the President to allow her to sell drugs and be a free woman. She knew the Kingsman would stop her, which she has them killed basically which our hero must go to the states and get the help of the Statesman which are the American Brothers of the Kingsman.

The movie also stars Channing Tatum and this where I had a big problem with the film, In the trailers it seemed like he would have a big-time role instead we got a glorified cameo with the possibility of a bigger for part three. I will admit he’s overall talented with the right director he can shined with the not so good director, he looks bad. Look at the 21 jump street series, he truly shined in that series and not to mention he can be a good action star which would have been a great help with this movie.

The filmed made 39 million in it’s opening weekend a slight increase from the first film and made close to a 100 million worldwide already which was good to be number one at the domestic box office, in the end this is a film good enough to buy on video but truly isn’t worth seeing it in the movies with that being said I give this movie two out of five stars.


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