Kingman the golden circle movie review

By: Justin Hopkins 

 The much hyped for sequel for the surprise 2014 hit, The kingsman The Golden Circle hit theaters this past Friday.  Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, and plenty more returned.  To avenge the attack on them and save the world, from the villainous Julianne Moore, with the help of newcomers Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges,  Halle Berry, and Pedro Pascal, and have to say. Wasn’t to impressed. 

 Movie started out with Eggsy getting attacked by Charlie and hired guns. Resulting in an exciting fight and car chase.  Which was actually a rouse to get his robotic arm in place and find everyone’s address.  Allowing drug kingpin, Poppy, to fire missiles at them.  Clearing the way for her to taint her drugs with a virus and hold the world hostage till the president legalized drugs and allow her to rejoin society. Which brought up the question should it matter if drug addicts die.  While Eggsy and Merlin go to the US and get help from The Statesman. 

 This was all fine and would have made a great movie,  but then they brought in the resurrected Harry. This not only overloaded an already full story,  but spit in the face of his emotional demise in the first movie. Instead of focusing on the other characters they gave us a stupid explanation for his survival, but a pointless side story that went nowhere, and stole screen time from the others, and Channing Tatum was barely there. Which made his use in the trailer a waste.

 Besides that, there was a lot of fun moments.  Pedro Pascal’s fight scenes were excellent.  Taron Egerton was on par, and when Merlin was singing Country Road, while he stood on the land mine,  before sacrificing himself will live with us for years to come, and my god I can’t believe I’m going to say this,  but Elton John was straight up epic. Was so unbelievably funny.  Every time you think he’s done,  he’d come right back in true style, and his music was perfectly used. 

 Went in expecting more then what I got.  Just to much going on and bogged down the flow at times. I don’t suggest seeing this in theaters,  but definetly catch it on DVD. Has some good action and fight sequences.  Plus plenty of laughs to boot.  


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