It movie review

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Sure to form, 27 years after the first, It has made it triumphant debut to the big screen. Being that It has already taken down several records for horror movies, Steven King movies,  and September releases,  and tracking for a hundred million dollar opening weekend. Safe to say it’s a financial triumph for New Line,  and sitting at 89 on rotten tomatoes, it’s a critical one as well, and in my opinion; was an incredibly fantastic movie. 

 Where this movie really excelled for me was how the story was constructed and unfolded.  From taking classic scenes such as where Georgie fatal encounter with Pennywise in the catch basin, Beverly’s bathroom scene, and when Ben was caught by the bullies. They added details and depth. Made them more psychological and greatly improved them.  Each of the characters in their own right got plenty of time to flesh out and add to them. The seven felt like real kids, who were trusted into the fight for their lives,  and alone in doing so.  Surrounded by adults who either forced themselves to turn a blind eye to the evils going on around them, or had gone mad themselves in all of it.  Which is classic Steven King style writing. 

 The kid actors and actress all came in and blew all expectations away.  Sophia Lillis was stellar as Beverly Marsh. Heart and conscious of the group.  Showing bravery and willingness to stand up for them,  then made you feel her sorrow and desperate silent pleas of help due to being at the mercy of her father.  Jaeden Lieberher was golden as Billy.  His desperate search for his brother in the hopes of him still being alive,  and his performance alongside Jackson Roberts Scott was both heart wrenching and terrifying as that Jackson made for one hell of a scary kid.  Jeremy Ray Thomas, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff rounded out the other five and could go on and on about how good each were.  They were the perfect cast to have and friendship that radiated off the screen, but before I close,  have to mention the lead bully, Nicholas Hamilton’s Henry Bowers. He was such a stand out character for how despicable character he was, his downslide to psychotic was compelling and mesmerizing, as the scenes between him and his Father were some of the most powerful in the movie. 

 The million dollar question going in was how would Bill Skarsgard compare to the massive shoes left behind by Tim Curry. An unfair question to the young actor, but an inevitable one. Bill owned the character of Pennywise from the opening sequence.  Loved the mannerisms and constant movements. Everything about him was creepy and deranged.  Loved the prosthetics and make up. His interactions with the kids was off the charts with peril and intensity. Not only matching curry but for my money,  far surpassed him. 

This is the reason behind remakes. To take a classic and make it so much more. Everyone involved knew they had to deliver and brought it and then some.  They story was more fulfilling and upped the gore without over doing it. The scares were earned and psychologically charged roller coaster.  Felt like you watched a real classic and am excited for part 2.


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