Reflecting on the 1990’s mini series, It

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Sitting on the eve of the remake of Steven King’s beloved It. Showing the struggle between 7 children going against the ultimate evil. It was one of my top 3 excited for movies of 2017, and am beyond pumped for it’s arrival,  but before that happens. Let’s take a jaunt back to the awesome 1990 mini series. 

 Think about that for a moment. A movie that scared an entire generation.  Redefining people’s phobia of clowns, and they did it as a TV Mini-Series. That is outstanding.  Most can’t do it with a bigger budget and a theatrical run. 

 The movie starts and stops with an all-star cast.  Kids like Emily Perkins, Seth Green, Jonathon Brandis, and Marlon Taylor along with the rest of the kids, shining bright in the first half,  when they first fought Pennywise. Adults ringing in the second half.  Being led by the late phenomenal John Ritter, Annette O’Toole, Harry Anderson and plethora of other greats returning to their hometown to finish the job.  Crown Jewel being of course,  Tim Curry’s Pennywise. Most adults still fear clowns due to his performance.  Showing how to play a movie monster at it’s finest. All of the actors and actresses brought out their best,  and delivered and gem of a movie. 

 The special effects may have been  lacking at times. Kind of over the top, but was pretty good for the time.  This movie didn’t need much effects to make it scary,  that came from the psychological aspects. Weaving together fears to fit each person specific. The loss Billy felt over Georgie, Bev’s abuse she suffered at home,  and even mundane as Richie’s fear of monster movie characters to how his Pennywise’s presences alone would send Eddie scrambling for his inhaler. Alot can be learned in how well they did with so little. 
 I was ready for the remake as soon as it was announced. Excited for the good reviews coming out already, but before I go.  Will take some time to enjoy the classic. 


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