The fight that took your money

By Paul Anthony

I must ask you, have you ever been scammed and not realize that you are being scammed? If you bought last weekend “fight” then most likely you got scammed and you didn’t even know it and the sad part was it’s a legal scam. First, this wasn’t a fight, when they first announced this fight, I was like okay this is going to be legendary because Connor has to be one of the best in MMA and Mayweather so good at his sport his boxing skills would make up for the lack of other moves, but then it was becoming clearer this would be a boxing match and then I was like okay Connor going to lose and Mayweather will go 50-0 and truly retire on top.

I don’t have anything against Mayweather, I believe he is a great boxer no doubt but the one knock against him is the lack of talent he picked to box with and Connor was no doubt one of those weaker Boxer, well truth is he never boxed in his career. He lasted a good while but he was never going to win.

Sure, the buildup was entertaining, they were running their mouths left and right and throwing the digs at each other. I couldn’t take it serious since this was more the social media pressure to make this happen, these two never had real beef with each other before then just suddenly they want to box each other and all this nonsense.

It has been reported Connor with the lost, still took home an easy 50 million while Mayweather took home close to 300 million which should keep him set for a long time. What really drove me crazy was the amount money it cost just to watch it on PPV. It cost a hundred dollars I am assuming that’s not high definition. I wouldn’t know because honestly, I never cared enough to look at the prices. Then if that wasn’t enough the ring side seats were selling for ten thousand dollars for each seat, how crazy is that?

So why do I think this was a scam? Well it was no secret that Connor was going to lose and why would you pay that price for something you knew was going to happen. Now had this been a fight yes, I would pay for that because it could go either way. Well I know some may have bought the fight and disagree with me, well please tell me your thoughts on why you did or didn’t buy the bout?



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