The Defender’s Review  

By: Justin Hopkins 

 The time has finally come.  How great the shows were and all the hype.  The Defenders  have officially debuted on Netflix. Uniting the team of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist to save New York. Facing a bit of pressure after some mixed reviews from season 1 of Iron Fist,  but with almost no surprise, The Defenders was absolutely worth the wait. Blowing away all of my expectations, and creating an epic team up show. 

 The story came together in the absolute best way.  Show each character where their shows left off. Matt Murdoch trying to create a new normal life after he revealed his secret to Karen,  but having trouble putting it out of mind.  Torn apart by the loss of Electra. Jessica Jones struggling to get past her encounter with Kilgrave. Luke returning home from prison,  and wondering what he’ll do next. Danny and Colleen serching the world for The Hand, and his guilt for failing Ku Long. What they really did right,  was have all four stories naturally collide together. Not rush or have it feel forced.  All of them staying true to who they are the entire time.  Each of them having their own goals,  on top of a coming together story. Their chemistry was apparent.  Seeing the friendship forming between Danny and Cage. The hints of romance that Cage and Jessica have in the comics and anytime Jessica and Murdoch were together was guaranteed entertainment. 

 Krysten Ritter showed why she is the gold standard in the Netflix universe.  Jessica Jones steals almost every scene she is in, her smart mouthed, powerhouse ways,  may seem out matched at times,  but always brings it, displays a reluctant,  larger then persona, but Charlie Cox and Mike Colter keep pace right with her. While Fin Jones got an unfair shake in his first go around as the Immortal Iron Fist. He did a splendid job,  showing his growth throughout,  and after the seismic finale,  has a big future ahead as the Cities newest Hero. 

 The villain side of the card was stacked, as it should be for a show of this caliber.  Sigourney Weaver was every bit the bona fide star she is, played Alexandria,  the leader of The Hand. Elodie Yung played a riveting and emotional reborn Electra,  now The Hand’s weapon,  know as the Black Sky, especially since she has to pull off emotional turmoil,  with no dialogue. The real winner was Wing Ching Ho playing Madame Gao. Her third around as the powerful member of The Hand. Improving each time she’s played the roll. Her presence alone puts all the spotlight on her. Great communicator and having you wonder what she has planned at all times.  Can’t say enough good things about her performance. 

 By the end,  they not only tell a great Defenders story,  but 4 separate stories on top of it. Ending with plenty of growth for all their heroes, and future is  looking bright. 


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