Hayes gets the ax!

By Paul Anthony

CBS seems to have hit after hit when it comes to their T.V. shows and this past year they once again had a hit show in Kevin Can Wait which stars Kevin James as Kevin Gable, who after twenty years on the police force retires to see his family more. Now his wife which Erinn Hayes plays as Donna Gable, the show a hit but as crazy as it sounds Hayes will no longer be a part of the show when it returns in the fall for their second full season, and it has nothing to do with Hayes wanting to leave but more with Kevin former T.V. wife from King of Queens Leah Remini who played Carrie.

During the two-part season finale, Remini guest starred as Kevin former partner of sorts the audience loved the magic that they brought, revealing after so many years, they still had chemistry on screen. Sure, we loved the reunion and so did the studio executives, in fact they loved it so much that they decided for season two, that she would become a full-time cast member, sweet, right? Sure, but it came with a cost, a cost that doesn’t make sense. For Remini to become full-time, Erinn Hayes must go.

Hayes character will be killed off, which will happen off screen during the season breaks, which means she doesn’t even get a farewell episode, nope she is gone. Now we don’t know if Kevin falls in love with Remini character or anything like that. At this point, all we really know is that she is a full-time cast member. When I heard the news, I had to wonder how much screen time is Remini really getting to the point where someone else had to leave? Not to mention this a big Gamble on CBS part to jump the gun so fast.

They did this without thinking about a few things, for starters, how will the audience react? Sure, they loved it but they also waited many years to see this happen and it finally did, but what worked many years ago may not work again. I am curious to see the ratings after many of realize we are just now watching The King of Queens all over again.

As I mention before, this makes no sense, great you have her but did you really need to cut ties with Erinn Hayes to do so? The show returns in late September, from that point we will see what they plan on doing with these characters.



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