Studios vs Directors

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Making a movie is tough business. Finding a director who can work on scripts, perfect cast selection,  places to film,  make up stunts, CGI, music, editing and so much more to make sure they are on time and on budget. Then you got on a set and making sure that things runs smooth. Would think that they would get more help from the studio, but as it seems. Alot of movies that seem to be sure fire successes. End up being due to constant arguments between studio and director.  With the studos going as far as cutting away allot of the movie that would have made it better or gave it a better shot in the least.  With the internet connecting us more and more.  These disputes are often enough to scare an audience away before the movie even debuts. 

 The 2015 Fantastic Four comes to mind pretty quickly. Went big on the return of Marvels First Family, and having found financial success behind two subpar ones. Hard not seeing this one doing so as well, but weeks before it was due out.  The finger pointing had begun.  Josh Tran accusing them of gutting his work and making life dismal behind the scenes. Never know how things could have turned out if they’d left him alone to make his movie,  but safe to assume it would have been better then what we got. 

 Even when they do manage to get lucky,  can’t be considered a good thing.  Suicide Squad managed to pull in a lot of money, but is easily one of the most divisive. It was rushed from the start,  heavily edited, script was heavily alerted. At one point,  there was multiple versions competed. Suicide Squad should have been so much better, and was gutted by studio involvement. 

 On the flip side, there are times that studio involvement does work. People panicked over them getting involved with Rogue One,  but ended up being loved by fans. Sometimes there is a grander plan behind it all. Such as the problems between Edgar Wright and Marvel. Yet if the studio wants it done a certain way; why not make it known up front. To avoid these issues and find someone who shares the same vision. 

 The Director is going to be the one who catches heat when a movie goes wrong. When a studio hires them, they are saying they trust them to treat the movie the way it needs to be done. Instead of forcing them change their vision or editing their work to nothing.  Let them make the movie they hired them to do.


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