The Dark Tower review

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Steven King is viewed as one of the best authors of all time.  His books have been adapted to celebrated movies for over thirty years. Which is a surprise that it took till now to see one of his best creations come to the movies; that being The Dark Tower. Eight stories that tells of a Gunslinger, Roland, chasing down the man in black AKA Walter. The Dark Tower being the center of the entire universe. Webbing together old school western,  fantasy,  and adventure that has screamed out to be made into a film.  That finally debuted on Friday, staring Idris Elba as The Gunslinger, Matthew McConaughey taking on The man in black,  and youngster Thomas Taylor playing Jake Chambers. These three being the only good part of a movie that was a shell of what could have been.

 Instead of going for a straight adaption of the stories.  They chose to go with a sequel. That made somewhat sense. Last book ending right where it began,  but this time Ronald has the Horn of Eld. Meaning this time around would be different.  A fact that would be lost on those who didn’t read the book,  but for those who did read it. May be disappointed by too much being changed. Instead of going for a unique story.  They went with clich tropes we’ve seen numerous times over dressed in The Dark Tower. Making everything feeling shallow.

 They made a great casting decisions. Idris Elba was fantastic as Roland.  Tired and rundown after years of defending the Tower. All he longed for was vengeance,  and cared about little less. Matthew McConaughey was terrifyingly compelling as The Man in Black. He was smooth and pure evil. Sole purpose to tear down the Tower made you long for the confrontation between him and the Gunslinger. The chemistry between him and Idris made their scenes pop. Even Thomas Taylor put in a great performance, as Jake Chambers. Being the glue that brought the story together.  They made this movie fun to watch and better then what it was.

 This movie didn’t feel like the start of a franchise or the start of anything good. Felt like a movie the studio threw together to bank off name value alone.  Cared little about the story they were trying to tell. Whether because of fear of something new,  or not wanting to interfere with the TV Series in the works, or just another Steven King book being twisted and contorted for the movie, which is far from the first time. The movie is just a shell of what could have been.  

 Personally, would suggest watching it on DVD or on demand cause the cast was excellent. Put their A Games in, but in my opinion, walked out feeling like this movie missed the mark, of what Dark Tower should have been. 


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