Five Batman villains who should be in the new trilogy

By: Justin Hopkins 

 I’m tired of the Joker. There I said it. He’s over used and played out. Seen him shine in the dark knight, rebooted for Suicide Squad,  and will more then likely carry on into the Harley spin-off. Meaning he should not be apart of The Batman Trilogy. Take nothing away from the Joker. He’s Batman’s arch villain, but Batman has the best list of villains, in the entire D.C. Universe. To continue to use him is redundant, and growing stale. In my opinion, these five would be perfect to appear in the trilogy. 

 Note: since Deathstroke has already been cast. I’m excluding him from the list, since at this moment. Appears he is going to be a part of them.


Intellectual Mastermind,  Edward Nigma, is long due for his return to the silver screen.  Especially, since many hoped he would have returned in Dark Knight Rises. His genius level at times capable of surpassing even Batmans. His involvement would allow them to build off the Detective moments shown in Batman vs Superman. Creating a thrilling mystery that would engage the audience into trying to solve the Riddles. If they dont want him to be a full blown villain. Can include him as the Private Investigator Batman can turn to for help.


 When a movie can draw on real life, it tends to make for that much more better of a story.  With people wanting to see more female involvement, and Global Warming being as prevalent as ever; almost surprising that Pamela Isley hasn’t been brought up sooner. Around fifty one years, alot of her stories, protraies her as a villain, because of her actions, but her motivations makes her come across as almost an anti hero in away.  Fighting to protect the earth, or fiercely defending orphans in another. It allows the viewers to almost get behind her in ways other villains can’t.  The emotional roller coaster they can tell could make for a great Batman film. With her already set to appear in Gotham City Sirens. Would be easy to segway her from one to another.


 With Matt Reeves claiming to want to use a method similar to what Nolan used. What better way then to go back to his fight against the mob, and enter Roman Sionis. An under utilized villain, whose uber violence and methodical torture can force Batman to another level, to deal with a dangerous fighter, marksman, and masterful tactician. A movie featuring Black Mask would keep the audience on the edge of their seats till the end. 


 They almost have to use him.  After the teaser in Batman vs Superman. Seeing Jason Todd’s Robin Costume would be the worst what if moment ever if they didn’t. Honestly,  they should anyways.  The fan base is rabid to see him, the story is fantastic, and made for the big screen.  The return of Jason Todd as a villain arguably struck more of a cord with Bruce then his death. Emotional story and thrilling climax is some of the best story telling, only really behind the next option.


 This could be the trilogy alone. Often held as one of the all time greatest Batman Comic Runs of all time.  Would open the door for every Batman villain, the whole Bat Family, and Superman. The psychological torment that Thomas Elliot inflicts on Bruce Wayne almost screams to be seen in theaters, and blow away everything before it. 

  There are so many others that can be substituted into the list,  and please feel free to comment who you would like to see. Batman has such a vast world.  Why see what we have already seen. When another can step up have their turn for a change. 



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