Should there be a solo Dr. Doom movie?

By: Justin Hopkins 

 2017 San Diego Comic-Con is up and running. Kicking off yesterday,  to some exciting news,  trailers,  and appearances. Plenty of excitement and things to look forward to, but Thursday saw a big announcement, in Fox confirming a Dr. Doom movie. 

 This was more of a surprise then it perhaps should have been.  Tide turning a bit to Villain-lead movies. Success of D.C. Suicide Squad,  along with both Gotham City Sirens and Venom is varying degrees of development. Only a matter of time before another was brought up, and in Marvels Illustrious Library, Victor Von Doom ranks easily in the top three, if not number one. Holding his own against every hero faction and at times overwhelming them entirely. Easily, deserves to be front and center, but don’t think it should be down solo or with Fox.

 My first issue being that by the sounds of it, Fantastic Four may not be apart of this. Which severely limits where they can go… except an origin story, and do we really want that? We know who he is. One of the most powerful villains of all. That’s the one we should be seeing, and by doing an Origin story,  the longer we’ll have to wait for it.

 After failing on Doom and the FF on three occasions.  This could serious impact any sort of anticipation for a fourth.  A solo Doom may face even larger odds. Risk of having a slow start, hope it’s loved, and strong word of mouth, to sway those who aren’t willing to take another chance, and then this keeping Dr. Doom away from Disney and the MCU.

 Even if they’d gotten it all right.  Good Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom. Wouldn’t it be so much better with him being with the rest. Being the biggest bad guy the MCU has ever seen. Showing his dominance against the likes of the Avengers, what their version of the FF can be, and he could reign over Latveria and be a constant ever intimidating threat and highly entertaining in any form, even in a cameo or larger role, for years to come against every superhero they have to offer.

 Would love to say I was excited and do hope for the best here. Just cant help but think Fox is trying to make  a quick payday on the villain popularity, and keep the property out of Disney’s hands.

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