Resident Evil Vendetta review

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Following in the path of the highly enjoyable CG Movies Resident Evil: Degeneration and Damnation. Resident Evil: Vendetta came out to DVD this past Monday. Staring Kevin Dorman as Chris Redfield, Erin Cahill as Rebecca Chambers, and Mathew Mercer coming back as Leon S. Kennedy, and wow was it ever worth the wait. Fun and exciting and improved on the first two.

 Seeing Chris as the lead. Chasing after the big bad of the movie as the stead fast hero we know and love from him was refreshing to see after two adventures with Leon. Adding Rebecca was almost a necessity due to their history together. Loved seeing how she evolved from the Stars Medic to being world leader in medical research and development. How vital she proved to the story. Damn near solving everything herself.  Inclusion of Leon was done well. Despite him and Chris being two of their biggest protagonists. They very rarely appear together in the games. Adventures taking place around one another’s,  with the smallest amounts of cross paths. It Creative and different to see the two Alphas butt heads, due to Leon being drunk and defeated from the years of horror he’d witnessed. It was a powerful moment to see the man always cool under pressure beginning to show cracks.  Of course was exciting to see the two fighting alongside each other.

 Glenn Arias was the master criminal. Guy who made the wrong enemies,  that lead to his friends and family being slaughtered on his wedding day. Creating a mutated version of the A virus to make those infected recognize him as friendly and not attack. Using it to bring back his loved ones,  and unleashing it on New York City. Insanity reaching the point where he kidnapped Rebecca and tried to infect and marry her to replace his dead wife. Clich, but made a spectacular foil for Chris and Leon and thrilling finally when he mutated into a Tyrant.

 Scenes and imagery were top notch. At times appearing to be live action blend. Giving us plenty of nostalgia. From the start, when Chris and his team enter the mansion, being the exact same from the first game. Not only were the images ripped straight from the game, but even the camera angles were the same. Seeing them the way you would your character when you were in the same location.  Marked out seeing the return of the zombie Dobermans.

 This is how Resident Evil should be done.  New story revolving around the characters behaving and acting like they would in the games we love. Horror, action,  and plenty of emotions.  Voice acting that brought you in and carried the audience along for the ride. Strongly suggest picking up this movie, and am excited to see what comes next. 

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