Should more video game movies switch to animation? 

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Attempts to turn Video Games into live action movies, have so far been a bust. With one Mortal Kombat  being their only real highlights.  Doom, Assassin’s Creed, and the dumpster fire that was Super Mario being total failures, and although Resident Evil series brought in over a billion dollars,  only three of the six were enjoyable. Treating most of the beloved character’s from the game like subpar nuisances. Could keep going, but I’m not trying to bash their attempts, but bring up another possible avenue.

 Castlevania is riding high. Loved by fans and critics. They’ve been applauded for keeping close to the games history. Couldn’t recommend Resident Evil Degeneration and Damnnation more.  Tremendous titles,  and a third, Vendetta, on its way next week.  Starts to beg the question,  should these Video Game companies start thinking CG Animation over live action?

 They’d have an easier time keeping characters truer to themselves. Eliminating who has the right look and feel, and just cast a right voice. Can load it with the gore and action it needs,  without risking an injury, or whether or not the monsters or effects look bad with a real person in the mix. 

 Games like Doom would be perfect following Resident Evil’s lead to CG Movies.  Allowing better more terrifying demons and hell spawns, weaponry, and space marine.  The future tech of Master Cheif, as well as not worrying about casting that part, and inevitable angering fans over the choice. Call of duty or even the world of Grand Theft Auto.

On the other hand, they can follow Castlevania. Imagine a full season of Silent Hill. Each episode taking you deeper into their Psychological horror.  Every new season can showcase another.  Jackie Estacado and the Darklings, journey through mob wars and other supernatural battles in the darkness, or venture through nuclear wastelands that is Fallout. All of which done that much better with animation, on Netflix or other streaming services. 

 Resistance: Fall of Man, F.E.A.R, Dead rising, and so many others can do so well in this form. Beloved characters,  rich story lines, and terrific way to rebuild interest into making more games. Computers have come along way, and successes starting to collect more and more. Assassin’s Creed is already coming back,  with an animated series. Plenty of room for others, and fan bases who would love to see them.



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