Spider-Man Homecoming review 

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Movie I have been waiting for is finally here.  Ever since the deal between Sony and Disney. His strong performance in Civil War. I’ve been pumped up and excited for Spider-Man Homecoming. Staring Tom Holland as Peter Parker, and was the wait ever worth it. Giving us a movie that I wasn’t expecting,  and way better then what I was thinking it would be. 

 From the start,  it started with a little homemade video Peter made of him being recruited to fight with Tony Stark. Excitement of him being sought after, and hyped over his next big mission, and that’s what this movie really does right.      Showing Peter Parker as a kid, who is still trying to learn his way in the world, with a big boost to his ego, with that mission when he still has alot more to learn as both Peter and Spider-Man. From being over confident, humbled, and atoning, learning what it takes and willingness to do just that. 

Not enough good things can be said about Tom Holland’s performance.  Coming off a compelling cameo in Civil War, Tom was still going to have to prove himself against what Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield did; and he did that and more.  Showing the nerdy side of Peter Parker, the heroic, agile,  and fast talking,  witty Spider-Man, and on top of that.  We got the gritty and determined side.  The one who can be humbled and defeated,  and simply own it.  Accepts responsibility for his screw ups, and comes back all that much more determined to succeed. 

 Of course, the right villain is crucial, Michael Keaton showed his best stuff as Adrian Toombs, AKA The Vulture. Dating it back to the Citauri invasion in the first Avengers. Who got shafted out of the clean up job,  by Tony Stark’s clean up crew. Turning to selling alien weaponry, worked up with human tech, by the Tinkerer, with help from The Shocker.  Dangerous and murderous.  To the very end, gave Spider-Man more then he could handle.  Yet, made you feel sorry for the blue collar worker, who was doing everything he could for his family. Keaton gave us a villain that was both complex and with plenty of depth.

 Where to even begin with the supporting cast.  Robert Downey JR, was once again magnificent as Tony Stark.  Even when he stripped Parker of his tech suit. Did it solely because he wanted better for him, and that moment was brought home when Peter said No at the end.  By the way Tony explained to Pepper, it may create an awkward moment for him,  but was proud of him for it. 

 From there you had the tremendous Jacob Batalon’s Ned. Peter’s best friend, who learns his secret at the start.  Giving someone Peter can  vent, talk, and give him support. Great comedic timing,  and added a whole new element to. Bokeen Woodbine added an intense Shocker, Michael Chernus was the eccentric Tinkerer, Jon Favreu’s Happy Hogan, and Laura Harrier. Everyone just did an awesome job and added something unique to the story. The pleasant turn on Zandaya being MJ and have to add Marissa Tomei. She may not have got alot of screen time, but her performance as the loving Aunt May was lovely, and then ending with her walking in on Peter in his suit created a lot of excitement going forward.  Wanting to see how that is going to play out and more of her going forward is only a positive. 

 Jon Watts said he wanted to draw from the old eighties stlye, and it really showed.  Giving us a unique telling of a teenage Spider-Man. An enjoyable coming of age story,  that showed how to display so many different characters, with alot of hope and excitement for the future. 


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