First half of 2017 MLB Season

By: Justin Hopkins 

 The second half of Major League Baseball is underway. All-star Voting set to wind up tomorrow night, and the always exciting Trade Deadline is right around the bend, and the first half has been pretty exciting and surprising as it is. Balls leaving the part at record pace, teams they were sure bets are withering, and shockers are running away with divisions.  No better place to begin then the American League, and the biggest surprise team, the Houston Astros.

 They are sitting at 57-27, 16 games ahead of the Los Angeles Angels. Beating teams in every way imaginable, and no matter how much they fall behind.  Have shown immense resilience and continually come back.  If they stay hot can make a run at the wins record,  and even if they cool off, going to be hard to see them not play in the playoffs. The East and Central Divisions are a little tighter. Red Sox leading the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, and Minnesota Twins breathing down each others necks. The thing to watch though, is the Wild Card, as every team is still alive.  Separated by 7.5 Games.  One team makes all the right calls during the trade deadline, hot at the right time, or luck can get them a coveted spot, or come down to a one game match.

 Of course,  can’t leave the American League without talking New York Yankees’ Rookie, slugger; Aaron Judge. Blasting out his 29th Homerun, just today.  Tying the Yankee rookie record set by Joe DiMaggio. It’s not so much if he’ll break the league’s Rookie record at the point,  but how high is he going to set the bar.

 On the flip side,  the National League’s Wild Card may not be as close,  but the division sort of our. Mainly when it comes to the Central.  Washington is building on their lead over Atlanta, and the Dodgers are maintaining a lead over the Diamondbacks. The  defending World Series Champion Chicago Cubs are struggling at five hundred.  After several leader changes.  The Milwaukee Brewers are seizing the opening and are holding on to first. Thanks to most of the rooster getting in on the hitting, and Eric Thames big bat.

 Before I go into closing, should mention the hometown team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Miserable record thanks to bad fielding, woeful bullpin, and lack of run support.  One silver line,  is the red hot Center Fielder; Andrew McCutchen. Batting over four hudred, leading the team in batting average, RBIs, and Homeruns.  All eyes are going to be on him,  as he may very well be a prize during Trade Deadline.

 The first half is in the books, with so much going forward.  A tight Wild Card Race involving the American League, Homerun Records on the verge of falling, and teams no-one saw coming, shining bright.  Making the second half a very exciting time. 


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