When it’s truly time

By Paul Anthony

When does one retire from a film role? This year we had Hugh Jackman star in the last film as Wolverine when Logan was released back in March. He made the role iconic and play that character for 17 years and several films, but as one actor retired from a Marvel character we must wonder when will the next one retire from his role. That actor is none other than Robert Downey Jr. Who was cast as Iron Man back into 2008 and quickly became the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but we all know the time is coming to hang up the suit.

Downey was recently asked this question and he’s answered was a cryptic, his responds was when it becomes embarrassing. Now this answer doesn’t say much but it does say that he wants to go out on top. Something Jackman also did. However, we do know things will be different after the fourth avengers because Marvel will be starting with a clean slate for their next phase, so this should give us an idea that Tony Stark won’t be around after that. In so many words it looks like 2020 is when Downey going to retired from playing the character.

Iron Man 4 won’t be his swan song. I know many fans keep wanting a fourth film, but Marvel has yet to do a part four in a solo film series meaning don’t hold your breath waiting, he’s swan song will most likely will be Avengers 4. Now if 2020 is the year he retires from Iron Man than he will have played the character for 12 years which would put in second to only Jackman with playing one character.

Can it be sooner? Honestly no and here is why, they are already filming their scenes for Avengers 3 and that film isn’t set to be released 2018. I doubt they will kill the face of the franchise early in what will be an epic war, so yes, I see him in the fourth film with a big role.

I know the MCU will look different without him in it. NO doubt he truly became the face of the franchise and carried it on his back, they gave him a chance to redeem his career and he kept loyal to them and agreed to extend his contract film after film. Disney loved this loyalty and they rewarded him big time. He currently makes around 75 million for each film he is in and that’s no cameos.

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