The Last Knight disappointment

By Paul Anthony


When does a movie franchise runs its course? When do you the fans say you done? Or when is too much exactly that? Too much. Transformers: the last knight opened last week and like the rest of the films in the series, it received poor reviews, which is nothing new because the money was always there, most of the time the films in this series made its budget within opening weekend. However, this wasn’t the case and now we have to wonder, are the fans giving up on the Transformers film series. In this blog, I am going to discuss why this movie isn’t living up to the rest of the films.

Same old, same old, seems like there isn’t much to say about theses film in sense of storytelling. Transformers came to earth in the past, good guys fight the bad guys because bad guys want to bring their planet to earth. We are five films deep in this franchise and plots are seemed to sound like this, and that’s the problem, we are tired of it. Bay seems to know very little about storytelling, he’s known for he’s action sequences, hands down he is the best in the business, but he is five films deep in this series and his style is getting old, lucky he is supposed to be his last film, which we will talk about that in a moment.

Sure, they add a few little twists here in there in these plots but the problem is they give it away in the trailers, here’s a spoiler Prime turns on he’s Autobots but we know that because the trailers showed this, had they kept this hushed, this would be a good kept secret and could have drawn more people in.

Finally, maybe people are listening to the critic because this film was the lowest scored film of the five films, the keep humor and the eye candy roles and no real writing finally caught up to the fans. I will say there is hope for this franchise.

For starters, Bay is leaving or at least he says he is which could be good news for the franchise. His films make money, no one can deny that but the problem, he’s not that good as a director overall, he focuses on the action but nothing else. With him leaving, this could be a fresh for a new director to correct his mistakes and get rid of the potty humor, the eye candy roles and the week storytelling. Please focus on other Transformer’s storyline, there plenty of other stories besides Prime vs Megatron.

I do believe in the end that this franchise can be saved, if they decide to make a part six. Yes the rumors are out there that they have a story arc planned out to go through 7 films but nothing has been actually confirmed as of right now, they may wait until they see the final numbers for The last Knight, But do you think they have any hope of saving this franchise?


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