More Stronger Females Please

By Paul Anthony

Drama, Drama even with the film nearing its home release, this film seemed to have increasingly drama around it and that film is Fast 8 or also known as The Fate of the Furious. We had the Rock calling out a certain Male star during the production and now we have Michelle Rodriguez telling the franchise well the fans of the franchise that if females don’t have a bigger role in the films, she will leave the series, does she have a good point? Let’s be honest the films in this series the females don’t do much for the plots for the films besides the character Letty which Rodriguez plays the females are truly forgotten.

Now many people thought she was taking a shot at Vin Diesel, who serves as an executive producer, but she then cleared it up that is wasn’t a shot at Vin and even said how he is a supporter of strong women. Now I don’t dispute that he made support the strong woman movement but I don’t think he truly wants in this franchise. Make no mistake about it, this Vin franchise and in the end, he gets the last word. Throughout the series there been plenty of directors and writers and so forth but the main consistent part both on and off camera has been Vin Diesel.

The series has had female characters however up until this film they been basically one and done or barely pushed the plot but Rodriguez comments come after the film had its biggest villain who just happened to be a female.

Now I am not saying she is wrong but her timing is wrong. Or maybe she knows something about the franchise that we and this might be the time in her eyes base off the information she has because the film in the franchise is just around the corner and production is just months away from starting.

I think the film did good with having a strong female as the villain but I agree with Rodriguez that these female’s roles must stay consistent and strong and have push more plots but there are currently only two more films in the series to do that.

Will the drama ever ends though? Since Paul died it seems like this franchise faces more issues among each other. I would like to see more of a stronger presence from the females besides the eye candy roles or simply the love interest roles. Fast 8 was a good start but do you agree with Rodriguez comments?


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