Movie trailers

By: Justin Hopkins

This past week had two trailers debut; for Cult Of Chucky and Jumanji 2 Welcome to the Jungle. While these two movie couldn’t be further apart from one another, they each give something to be excited over.  So lets get started with the sixth installment of Child’s Play.

While Chucky took a bad hit with the did that was Seed of Chucky. It was great to see it rebound nicely with the straight to DVD Curse of Chucky.  Taking him back to his roots and making him scary and dark again.  So much so, that I’m surprised to see it going that route again with this one. Especially when they have Curse star, Fiona Dourif, the voice of Chucky Brad Dourif, and returning as a main character for the first time since Child’s Play 2 Alex Vincent, playing Andy. It was a great trailer that gave allot to be excited over.

Jumanji 2 comes to the table with a fair amount of controversy. Sequel to Robin Williams beloved movie. Starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Karen Gillain, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. This movie has alot to offer, trailer made it look pretty entertaining, and loved the update from Board Game to Video Game. Issue is it may not be good enough. Needing to show more to win over people upset over the sequel being  made and the stiff competition it’ll face when it comes out in the form of Star Wars.

In my opinion, Cult of Chucky has me way more exciting.  The returning cast and crew. Momentum it received from Curse of Chucky. Has me pumped for it’s October 3rds release. Check out the trailers on our Facebook page and let us know your opinion.


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