Ladder match let down

By: Justin Hopkins 

 Going into WWE Money in the bank, the match that garnered most excitement, at least to me, had to have been the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, between Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Tamina, Natalya, and Carmella with James Ellsworth, in her corner. 

 The women on both shows have been phenomenal over the past year or so. When they haven’t stolen the show, their matches are right there for match of the night. They’ve competed in Last Man Standing, Iron Man, and not only preformed in Hell in the cell, but main evented that card. So seeing five going to be the first women to competed in Money In The Bank was enough to get you to want to watch. 

 The match itself was stellar.  Allot of high impact, death- defying falls, and constant momentum changes. On their way to setting the bar for the match that much higher.  When the ending occurred, that sucked all the energy and excitement from it. When Ellsworth climbed the ladder, and dropped the case into Carmella lap.

 Going to start by saying, know these matches are scripted and winners chosen ahead of time, and as much of a fan of Becky Lynch that I am, and wanted to see her win. Knew Carmella was going to win, and would have been in some sort of heel (Villain) fashion, but this ending was awful to see.

 Have seen or read over and over, that the ladder match is No Disqualification and there being no rules.  Which would be fine, had I not listened throughout every other ladder match, it’s the first competitor to climb the ladder and retrieve the title, or in the Money in the bank matches, Briefcase. Have seen outside assistance before, and had Ellsworth done something to aide Carmella to climb it herself. Would have gone over and not felt like a huge step back. 

 That’s the problem. This was suppose to be historic, and was a truly great match to see. The women absolutely put their best into creating an amazing edge of your seat, couldn’t take your eyes off of match, and seeing him take the case down, instead of even having Carmella do it herself, just seemed to taint the match itself. 

 They announced a rematch on Smackdown for next week. A second money in the bank ladder match for the woman’s briefcase. Once again I’m sure the match itself will be fantastic as they always do, but it’ll be difficult going into this as excited cause I’m already wondering how the heel ending will come into play this time around.


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