Changing of the guard for Miles Morales 

By: Justin Hopkins 

I remember quite a few years back,  when Sony was rebooting Spider-Man. Came across a movement for one Miles Morales to be Spider-Man, instead of Peter Parker, and I had no idea who they were talking about.  Had been awhile since I read a comic,  and had no idea there had been a change. To be honest,  I was against this.  Spider-Man being my favorite superhero.  Was not ready for someone else to take his place. I didn’t have to worry,  because Sony went with Peter,  but the push didn’t go away,  but grew. 

 For those who may not know.  Miles took the place of Peter Parker, after his death in the Ultimate Universe.  While he was met with controversy, he was poplar enough, that when The Ultimate Arc ended in 2015,  he was carried over to the regular run.  With a stop over in Disney’s Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon. Where I first saw him,  and became a fan. His emotional weight and differences from Peter made him a great character. 2015 was also the year he nearly got the lead in the Disney reboot.  

Bringing us to today.  Miles is on fire. In the last six months,  outside of his own comic run,  he’ll be crossing into Spider Gwens comic, an Animated Movie coming to theaters on December 21, 2018, and yesterday the fans cheered in joy,  as he was shown in the new Spider-Man Video Game. Leaving the question, why wait to bring him into the MCU.

 The Thanos story is nearing to a close, and Spider-Man, being a massive earner, that comes with a multiverse dilemma storyline. Allowing them to bring in three likes of Spider Gwen, Noir, and headlined by Miles Morales, and done early to use the emotional impact that comes with Miles meeting Peter. Skipping around origin,  and start him on the fly. 

 At this point, it’s a forgone conclusion that Miles Morales still take the reigns from Peter in the movie theaters.  It brings in fresh faces and new stories.  The time is right and the board is almost set perfectly for a smooth transition from one to another.  

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