The Failure of Baywatch and Chips


Sometimes a hit T.V show many years ago doesn’t mean it going to be a box office hit. Sadly, some studios thought otherwise and this year they learned the hard way. We recently saw two films in a span of three months that were based on a show, back in March, Chips were released and just recently Baywatch was released. As a fan, I didn’t have high hopes for neither of them but thought Baywatch would have done better than it did. CHiPs on the other hand I gave no chance to even succeed and sure enough it didn’t, so let’s see what happen to both and figure out what happen, starting with Chips.

When a film has a fan base attach to it, even before the film is released that should be a good thing, but when fans realize the film is more of a spoof then actually being based on the show, the fans begin to leave, Chips did exactly that. Many who watched the show which ran from 1977-1983 saw nothing from the show in the film. The film took the rated R approach which mean Storyline was thin in exchange for crude, sexual jokes for a quick laugh and sadly it did not work out. The film had bad reviews which also hurt its cause and the timing was bad, March is usually a dead period, however we had two big releases with Beauty and the Beast which went on to be the highest grossing film of 2017 and Power Rangers which brought a good bit of cash to. Chips had a budget of 25 million and it has grossed worldwide the total of 25 million just covering the budget.

Baywatch did slightly better with what it was trying to do but still didn’t live up the show. It too took the R rated approach and failed. Sure, The Rock and Zac Efron carried the film and did what they could, they took the source material and brought it to new levels however it lacked the charm that show had which ran from 1990 to 2001 and had a total of 242 episodes. Like Chips it ran into tough competition with Guardians of the Galaxy and Pirates 5, and with the big films coming out soon enough, it will soon enough fall out of the top 10. They had a budget of 69 million and as of right now has made only 69 million. There is chance in time it will go over its budget but only time will tell if it does.

Hollywood did get it right with a few films based off the passed with T.V shows, we did have Starsky and Hutch and 21 Jump Street film series to prove you can take show from the past and make it a hit. It’s just in this case they got it wrong. Before Baywatch was released, the producers said that they would do a sequel but at this point, they might have spoken too soon but we just got to wait see.



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