Wonder Woman 

By:Justin Hopkins 

 Coming off a less then stellar year, D.C. really needed a success, with Wonder Woman. Not just financially, but one with the crowd.  A movie people enjoy, and not regret sitting through.  Being directed by Patty Jenkins and Gal Gabot reprising her role as Wonder Woman. I did not go into this movie with much in the way of excitement, due to how low of a track record they have with movies, and I’m so glad to be wrong,  since it turned out to be a tremendously entertaining movie.

 The story was deep and emotional, taking place in a flashback to her time on Themyscira. Learning to become their greatest warrior, helping a plane wrecked Steve Trevor,  and setting off with him, to defeat the God of War Ares. The settings and fight sequences were all too notch. At times the pacing seemed a little sluggish,  but it all played out nicely and built up more and more emotions and gave it much needed heart.

 The shining and best part of the movie was its amazing performances from all of its actresses and actors.  Gal Gabot leading the way, as the Amazon Princess. Taking the audience on an emotional thrill ride. From excitement and desire to train and willingness to stand for what she believed. To venturing out into the human civilization fascination and confusion over seeing how things worked to how horrified she felt seeing injured soldiers and desperate in need of help. Emotions coming to a head to in surprise ending, and great boss fight. Learning the secret hinted at at the start of the film. Behind her was Chris Pine’s role of Steve Trevor. Playing excellently off her, showing chemistry and just fluid acting between the two main stars. Backed by Connie Nielsen and Said Taghmoui, and everyone else involved,  brought their A- Game in bringing the movie to life. 

 Wonder Woman really highlighted just how good D.C. can be. Using just her story, and no involvement from the other heroes.   They turned out a great movie.  This could be a real turning point for D.C. to learn from going forward. If you haven’t seen it, or on the ropes,  rest assure Wonder Woman is a true delight.


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