Wonder Woman Review

By Paul Anthony

It has been documented now that the DCEU hasn’t been doing all that well, films seem to do just enough to stick around but to this date there haven’t been any sequels yet, sure it’s still small compared to the MCU, but the light seemed to be fading for them, we had the Man of Steel, then Batman V Super-Man then lastly Suicide Squad, which was good but the damage from Batman V Super-Man but still that film alone set them back and forced to rethink their plan. They needed a good film to be Great if they truly wanted this to stick around. It’s safe to say they got their savior in Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman may not go down in the history books as the greatest Comic book film of all time but it leaves a great impact to give DC hope, they so desperately needed. Let’s start the storyline, it’s an Origin for starters we see a young Diana getting the urge to train and finally gets her wish to train, we learn she is Zeus’s daughter and half-sister to film’s villain who is Aries God of War, the film explains that Aries is the Master Mind behind the great war or commonly known as World War One. She meets her love interest played by Chris Pine’s character. Together they fight Aries and win but sadly Chris Pine charter dies in the end.

The action was good, the fights not bad and honestly, I believe has more action scenes then Batman V Superman. Which tells you had truly bad that film was. The combination of using slow motion and Fast motion was done well, sure it could have been better but was still very good, however the CGI effects for the film wasn’t that impressive, the goal to make it seem real however you can clearly tell the CGI was being used but for as film with a 169-million-dollar budget, you expected better from that budget.

Gal Gabot wasn’t very popular among fans when she was cast as Wonder Woman but she portrayed the character beautifully, she added that the character was beautiful but wasn’t just pretty face, if that was her mission than consider her mission was successful. She didn’t need a body to be perfect. The emotions were great not too many comic book films can give you tear jerker scenes and sure enough they did it well enough to be consider that.

Wonder Woman doing well also, it manage to bring in 11 Million on Thursday night, and give or take should pass the 100 million mark for the film, we also have to see what it does during it’s second weekend when comic book films has the worse luck with drawing more people in .I would recommend this film going to see this film and let you decide  if this good film was truly that good.

Dc finally has winner but they need to keep this up and sure enough Justice League is next. Overall I give this film a four out five Stars.


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