They Are Gone!

By Paul Anthony

Recently it was announced that the big channels were cutting some fat, little did we know there was a lot of fat that the channels had. Though some of these shows caught us off guard, here we will give you the list of shows that ended or got canceled and we shall see which ones truly caught us off guard.

Let’s start With NBC which seems to always fall in the ratings overall


The Blacklist: Redemption

Emerald City



Chicago Justice

The shocker here is truly Chicago Justice. NBC giving this show the axe so soon came as a somewhat of a shocker. Dick Wolf has created an awesome rating universe with all the Chicago shows, it was only natural we get to see what goes on in the court room however audiences didn’t agree. It’s funny Dick Work made another court room show Law and Order: Trial by jury which only lasted a one season, Advice to Dick Wolf…. Stay out of the court room.

Next, we have CBS who has a good track record with producing hits.

2 Broke Girls

American Gothic

Brain Dead

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders


The Great Indoors

The Odd Couple

Pure Genius

Rush Hour

Training Day


The real shocker here is 2 Broke Girls, life was coming together for the two girls however with storylines coming to an end and ratings falling it was clear this show was going to get the axe but so soon did catch people off guard.

Next, we have is Fox, which I believe is always a wild card because truly you jus never know what you are truly going to get.



Making History



Scream Queens

Sleepy Hollow

Son of Zorn

The real shocker here was Pitch, The show was a hit with critics and the story was very good one with having a female be a star in a male league, the ratings were average and sadly Fox needed more, which the show could have given more if they had more time to continue the story.

Now we have ABC


American Crime

The Catch


Dr. Ken

Imaginary Mary

Last Man Standing


The Real O’Neals

Secrets and Lies

Time After Time

Real Shocker here is the canceling of Last Man Standing, Tim Allen has proven he’s money in the bank, Home Improvement still a hit, years later he returned with this show, Show was still going strong. However due to nonreal reasons they gave this show the axe, however with the outcry of fan support the show isn’t exactly dead, there still hope.

The list could get bigger or smaller depending on true fan support, so it’s hard to say if this list was truly final. If any of these shows were one of your favorites please let us know what you will watch next?


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