She is Back! Roseanne coming

By Paul Anthony


There is a new trend that’s been happening regardless if you like it or not, honestly, I don’t know how I feel about it myself. This trend is reviving past shows and giving them updated stories. It was recently announced that one of my favorite shows would be coming back and this one that I am not sure about. In today’s blog, I am going to explain why this is, since after all this was the show I grew up honestly and loved more than any other show.

First let’s talk about where the Connor family have been and what have they been doing. When we last saw them, they just won 108 million dollars and was touring the world and going on crazy adventures, Darlene’s baby nearly died and Dan put his mother in a hospital in California, which then he begun to have affair with her nurse. Then we learn Becky to will be a mom. However, during the two-part series finale it was revealed the events of season 9 never happen and that Dan died from his heart attack in season 8 and the whole series was told from Roseanne view from a book she was writing about her life and how David and Darlene wasn’t together, Mark was with Darlene and David was with Becky. Jackie was the one who was gay and not her mom.

Confusing, right? I know however the early rumor is that the new season will ignore events at the end, so I am guessing what we saw from season 1 to 8 is what we will keep in canon for season 10. I could be wrong but this would make the most sense since those are the seasons that we loved the most. Those seasons are the ones I love the most because the show was one of a few that were truly a blue collar, they went through struggles that the common family went through. Will they do this in season 10? Keep the family as blue collar? Dan last job was building the prison which seemed to be a good source if income.

I now have to ask myself can this show survive in today’s time sure it did well in the 90’s but times have change and there more comedies out there that are big time draws. The recent trend hasn’t been pretty. Look at Girl Meets World canceled after one season and Fuller House had a lot of hype and now its fading after two seasons and rumor is That’s so Raven coming back also but I doubt that will survive since it’s Disney show.

I would love for the show to do well and carry on the legacy however I don’t think this will last long and if it doesn’t then it may taint the legacy that the 9 seasons before left. The new season starts in 2018 and I am sure we will have updates as time goes on.

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