King Arthur the first big flop

By Paul Anthony

Every year there are movie flops, which is when a movie fails to make a large profit or even gross enough to cover the budget. Having a movie flop is nothing new, but I must wonder do studios ever do research before they jump on an idea that has been used before? It’s no secret Hollywood uses recycled ideas either calling it a reboot or giving it whole new fresh start. Recently A movie was released titled King Arthur, as we all know the story of King Arthur, so with this wasn’t a new idea but Hollywood didn’t care they decided to make another movie.

Back in 2004 A King Arthur film was released now it’s budget was 120 million and it grossed 203 million. This would be on the borderline of a flop since it did make back its budget and a small profit however when a film has high budget over the 100 million mark the goal to make closer to 400 to 500 million. I’m telling you this so you can keep this in mind as we discuss the 2017 King Arthur film which has a much bigger budget. Judging by the numbers it’s clear Hollywood didn’t do their research.

The 2017 King Arthur film has a budget of 175 million not counting Marketing cost which something we don’t factor into the budget. Now a 175-million-dollar budget is no joke, don’t get me wrong there are tons of films that have a higher budget but still it’s a pretty high budget. Many insiders believed that Warner Brothers spent too much money and there no need to for that high of a budget. 60 to 80 million might have been a better budget even so it would still have been a flop. The reviews didn’t help giving it a 28 percent rating and many gave it under 5 stars out of 10. One critic said its modern-day action that took away from the classic story of King Arthur.

Currently the film has made around 95 million dollars worldwide and film has been out for weeks but as we get deeper in the summer more blockbuster films are being released which will hurt King Arthur from making any more money. During it’s opening weekend it only grossed 15 million which was on track with the 2004 film and has grossed 28 million so far in two weeks at the domestic box office and the foreign box office has grossed around 77 million. Even more it had a 52 percent drop from week one to week two at the box office. There a good chance because of this big drop that the film may just barely make it over the 100-million-dollar mark.

Some properties Hollywood thinks are profitable and for the most part they are right but the film has to be done right in order for the film to do good or even great. Studios should take notes when there are previous films of the property, so they can get it right but sadly in this case this case they did not.

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