Hellboy getting rebooted

By: Justin Hopkins

It was announced last week,  that Hellboy would be making its long awaited return to theaters… without the big players Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman. This is tough bit of news even for me.  Since I think the first two Hellboy movies are seriously overlooked,  and way underrated.  Perlman’s potential protrail being one of the best of the superhero kind. Had high hopes for a third for so long, and with them dashed, kind of want to eat my words on accepting reboots.  Nevertheless, I admit,  there are some perks to rebooting Hellboy.  Let’s get started with the easiest shall we.

Almost overstated, but Deadpool changed the superhero movie.  Backed by the success of Logan, could almost bet they got allot of studios thumbing through their properties. Searching for more adult oriented comics (Sony returning to Venom) Only a matter of time,  before Hellboy was going to resurface, as it should. There is a great wealth of characters and stories.  Centering around the dark and depraved,  with dark sense of humor. An R Rating will carry it far, and is the right direction.

Guillermo del Toro does seem to want to do a third movie, but when would he have time.  He has a laundry list of movies,  and its been nine years since Hellboy 2. Sequels are challenging after this much time has past, and unless he’d be willing to make it top priority. Who knows how long we’ll be kept waiting.

A major aspect working in the favor of the reboot,  is Mike Mignola is behind it. The creator of Hellboy is helping pen the script.  Making sure it stays true to form. The reason we love Hellboy and having this conversation in the first place,  is because of his hard work. Reason enough to get behind the reboot.

I’m going to close,  not with another pro or con, but with something I hope at least one person can take away from this.  David Harbour is not Ron Perlman. Perlman made a tremendous Hellboy,  and will be missed. Don’t expect David to come in and be a Ron Perlman Hellboy. Instead let’s see what David Harbour’s interpretation on Hellboy can be,  and let’s see how this plays out,  before we judge it.

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