Star Wars Spin-Offs

By: Justin Hopkins

I am not a fan of Star Wars.  Anyone who has talked to me or read my previous blogs are aware of that.  Yet,  with Disney planning on movies all the way out past 2020, and me blogging about as many movies as I can. Something I’ll have to get over. However,  all is not lost for me. The spinoffs have alot of fun potential, and can’t help but think of three characters that I think deserve to be front and center, and also believe the fans would love them as well.  Let’s start this off,  with wildly popular, Yoda.

You may not find a more popular character then Jedi Master Yoda. From the original trilogy,  prequels, and inclusion in TV. He has been great fun to watch.  Not much has been seen on his early years though. After all this time, would be a nice change of pace to see his early years,  as a young Jedi.

Most people give Boba Fett way to much credit. He’s boring and way overrated. The Bounty Hunter who they should go with is Cad Bane. Made one hell of a splash in the Clone Wars Saga. Taking on any perilous assignment all for the money.  His intelligence and ruthless not only made him succeed alot of the times, but made the Jedi chasing him; appear woefully outmatched. For the fans of Boba Fett, they can even have a younger version being trained by Bane. Like they originally wanted to do in the show.

And here we are,  the most deserving one; Ahsoka Tano. She absolutely made Clone Wars Saga entertaining. A character you could get behind. Watching her grow as a Padawan and learn throughout. Heartbreaking moment when the Jedi Order hung her out to dry, for a crime she didn’t commit.  Exciting return in Rebels.  With at least one actress,  Rosario Dawson willing to play her. Wouldn’t just stop at a spinoff,  but work her back into the main story.

Star Wars may not be my favorite series of movies,  but it does have some entertaining parts to it, and for me; these are the three who deserve their time on the silver screen more then anyone.


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