Can Cameron do it again?

BY Paul Anthony

Recently we got announcement from James Cameron, that announcement was finally making it official that Avatar 2 is happening and coming out in… 2020, eleven years after the first one. That’s right if you are a fan I am sure you are excited. You be wondering why the delay or even if part was evening happening. Now we anyone who knows Hollywood would have told you part two would be happening. Since Avatar went onto become the highest grossing movie of all time. In its total run, it ended making 2.7 billion. A record that may never been broken.
The last few years we have had many films that had potential to tie the record, we had The Avengers 1 and 2 and Iron Man 3, Jurassic World and two Star Wars films, none have come close. When a film makes that much money, it is a given that a sequel would have but did it really need to take eleven years to make? I often ask that question myself. First let’s look at the time it took Avatar to happen on the big screen. After Titanic James Cameron proved he was now a legend, he had many films under his belt that were not only blockbuster hit but award winning films that became cult classics and Hollywood most iconic films, he used technology that was ground breaking. He was smart he didn’t rush anything and took his time. Avatar early stages started to happen right after Titanic, James had only two films Titanic and Avatar, here we thought he just became a myth so wrong, he cemented his true legacy. He wrote the script and waited for the technology and everything came together. Cameron became the highest grossing 3D director despite only having one film in the 3D department.
I believe Cameron planned was never to release a sequel in a normal period if you look at his record of accomplishment you know he doesn’t rush anything. James has a history for delaying the sequel just look at the delay in Terminator 2, which became a bigger hit than the first film, scary to think about what Avatar two can do at the box office. But times are different, fans want more and they want better. There a lot riding on Avatar two. Yes Terminator 2 did do better but Terminator 1 wasn’t the all- time box office, Avatar is.
Avatar wasn’t cheap the budget was around 250 million, making it clear it needed to make more than a billion, sure it did, but is Cameron talented enough to make Avatar 2 and have it gross more money, I can promise the budget for part 2 will be crazy high might even push in the 400 million range. However, if anyone can do it my money is on Cameron to get the job done. He also awarded fans by announcing three more films of Avatar, which all are supposed to come by the end of 2025.

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