Oh NO! Not Another Writer’s Strike

Back in 2008 I was still in high school when this event occurred, I was confused because I didn’t know they could do it but when it happened I was fully behind them. I am of course talking about the writing strike of 2008, it started in November of 2007 and lasted for a hundred days. Why am I talking about the writer’s strike? The sad truth is because just nine years later it could be happening all over again. Now I am all for the writers getting more money and credit for their work and in this blog, I’ll explain why.

When you are watching a movie or a T.V show you see the opening credits there is a good chance you don’t focus or even pay attention to the names that write the script. A lot times we know the director and even the producers and very rarely do we pay attention to the writers. Now I get that it comes down to money but as a writer myself, it also about pride. When something does well, the credit goes to the director or the actors but hardly ever the writers. However often to none the script always get criticize when the movie fails or receive mixed reviews.

So now I ask myself is it fair when actors and actresses get paid raises and even directors and producers get raises and as for writers? They don’t get raises when the first movie does well and spawns a sequel. Did you know the strike of 2007-2008 cost the entertainment nearly two billion dollars, still think writers can be replaced or have no value? I truly believe writers don’t get as much credit as they deserve. Now I understand if you are against the writers going on strike.

Many of us here in this country work hard every day and the sad truth is most of us make less than the writers that will go on strike, so you may see it as a greed situation. I would agree with that point but these people are in a business that makes billions per year and they only get a small piece of the pie.

So, what will happen if they go on strike? Well any scripts that haven’t been finished will stay un-finished, which will cause a delay in production. First the actors won’t be able to act because they have no script, the directors can’t direct because the actors are sitting around and the producers can’t produce anything because there isn’t anything to piece together. Then the release dates and series start dates will go get pushed back to an unannounced release date which could be months away from when they were supposed to.

Now I don’t want them to strike and to be honest I enjoy writing about movies and so forth, and let’s be honest we enjoy their work so hopefully they get what they deserve.






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