Hollywood Marriages and Divorces

By Paul Miller

Divorce is a touchy subject but in recent years not so much, our culture is changing their views on the matter but still this terrible thing should not be a normal thing in our lives but slowly it is becoming normal especially in Hollywood.

As we all know Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner recently got a divorce, they intended to get divorce back in 2015 but try to fix it, however they could not. Now I must ask myself and I am sure you have been asking yourself also and that is, why don’t marriages work in Hollywood? There maybe a few answers to this question and I would like to give many of those answers as possible.

Time away from each other, spending time together is very important as we all know and sadly actors and actresses, who are together often are away from each other more than they are together. Yes, they make a lot of money and can catch a flight to see each other however think about this what if your wife or husband away also? Now it becomes a lot harder to just jump on a plane. Remember your schedule may not even allow for that to happen.

When you are away and around other people and they are filling the void that you’re experiencing from being away from your spouse, it becomes hard not to feel for the other person. When this situation happens, two things could happen, they will cheat or they will leave the other person to be with someone new. This doesn’t make them a bad person if they leave on the latter term, emotions can be a weird thing.

Being in the public eye can cause problems, every step you make can be photographed and articles will be published about your personal life, this can affect both partners in the relationship, they could see a photo that don’t tell the whole truth which then cause arguments because they might think the other person is cheating and what not.  Being followed a lot can change one emotion and they could cause change in moods and once again arguments can and will happen. This can cause couples to hate each other because why would you want to be with someone that no longer makes you happy.

Sadly, there may be more reasons like we have, each divorce is different from the next one, sure there may be more reasons and situations that we don’t know, I am sure certain things are private. Don’t get me wrong, there are marriages in Hollywood that work, we just don’t hear about them because they are working and no one cares about it, only the ones that end. There you have it, the reasons why Marriages don’t work in Hollywood and feel free to let us know if you think of any other reason.


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