Wonder Woman’s growing problems

By Justin Hopkins

Little over a year ago, DC put out what should have been an easy, billion dollar mega hit, in Batman vs Superman. Alot of excitement and hype. Only for it to fall flat. While it had many flaws. One of the positives, was Gal Gabot’s performance as Wonder Woman. Bringing the Amazon to life for the first time, on the big screen. May have only had  brief screen time, but was a true highlight. Enough to garner excitement for her future… or so it should have.

This movie has so much going for it. Long awaited female led superhero movie, Wonder Woman’s first, Gal Gabot’s return, and entertaining trailers. These are things studios want from an upcoming movie. Yet, here we are, just over a month away, and the walls are mounting.

Starting with the simplest; the early estimates that this movie is tracking for an 83 million dollar opening weekend. Now, this would be fantastic, if it wasn’t a superhero movie. It has to match precedence here. Man of steel at least got 117 million.

Factor in all movies see a drop after the first week, along with stiff competition from The Mummy the following week, hope Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean don’t turn into a success that takes away from that projection. 83 million is simply not going to cut it.

DC had fallen into a bad steak, with their last two movies entering opening weekend, with rumors of messy scripts, and labels of disaster. Neither of which were able to be proven wrong. Could be a bad omen, that Wonder Woman is facing down the same barrel. Risk scaring people off, who don’t want to pay for a potential bad movie again.

Most important, Justice League is set to release six months after this movie. Alot of investors and studio heads will be watching Wonder Woman’s numbers closely. If it bombs or under performs. This will not only add to the pressure on Justice League, a movie under the same disaster barrel, but start to ask the question is it time to clean house?

Despite my hammering, I want this movie to succeed. The DC Universe is full of awesome characters, that deserve their time in the spotlight. In order for that to happen; Wonder Woman must succeed.

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