How Long Is Too Much?

By Paul Anthony

I remember as a child watching the hit film Titanic, which I loved but was amaze to see a film needing two VHS tapes for the entire film. Many years later I watch the film on blu-ray which requires two discs and I realize that this film was way too long and I had to ask myself, How long is too long?

Its been a recent trend, films are getting so much longer when you go out to see a movie, you almost need an intermission to use the restroom and get more refreshments. Storytelling is very important to any film, it’s best part of the film regardless of the genre because without the story you really can’t get behind the plot the characters or anything. But do we really need movies beyond two and a half hours?

Action films in this generation is a big culprit of stretching the length of the film to add in a few extra explosions and a cool fight scene, we buy into it because of how cool it all looks that we forget to look at the length of the film. There are action films to where they try to give us a good story with very little action and expect us to be happy with sitting passed the two and a half hour mark ( I am looking at you Batman V. Superman).

So are we alright with action films being very long as long as they give us a lot of good action to justified the length of the film? I am torn here but I am leaning towards no because at the end of the day two and a half plus hours is still too long. Let’s not forget theses action movies for the most part have no good story to it, we are basically paying twenty dollars to see stuff explode.

We are lucky that most long films seem to be mostly of the action genre but there are other genres that touch the lengthy film, dramas can drag the story out also, it’s a tactic they use so we can get behind the characters for the ending of the film.

Horror films have been kind to us with the length of their films on average they are usually around ninety minutes, yes some have touch two hours or close to it. For example look at The Conjuring which is around  hundred and sixteen minutes and The Conjuring 2 which is at hundred and thirty-four, which is roughly two hours and ten minutes.

Here we are back to our question how long is too long? In my personally opinion if the story is good and we are amused and not looking at our watches and cellphones then the length is actually fine, if the story isn’t all that good and we are waiting for it to be over then the length is just too long, but for us on a postive note, you get more for your money.

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