Rated R is not a risk.

By Justin Hopkins

Every time a more mature comic character is about to start production or filming stage. The question of whether they should risk the R-Rating? Should they risk losing money by not targeting a more family friendly PG-13. Even when the lead characters are heinous villains, the question lingers. When the real question should be. After all the successes; why is it still being considered a risk?

It’s easy to start this off with the mega hits like Deadpool bringing in 760 million dollars of a budget of 58 million. Logan earning 596 million so far with a budget of 97. You can go back to 1998 though, with the success of Blade. Packing a 45 million dollar budget and reaped in 131 million. Sequel doing 154 million with 54 million to spend.

These movies didn’t succeed with being violent and graphic alone. These are characters that were designed to be for a mature audience. By staying true to who these characters are. The stories came together better and the fans rejoiced.

Look at the differences when they tried to go the other way. Between the tame wolverine and watered down Deadpool, and how awesome they were once they got the R. Blade Trinity was an utter disaster as PG-13, and Ghost Rider never had a chance.

Not about to say they all need to go that way. Disney/Marvel is doing fantastic keeping their mature stuff on Netflix. No reason to change. Fantastic Four can do well at the level, and Batman, Superman, and Justice League can go either way. There are two big ones in the works that need the R- Rating though.

Yes, Suicide Squad was a success, and has a big following, but one of the many (MANY) flaws was its rating. Gotham City Sirens should learn from this, and give them an R-Rating.

Last, Sony announced plans to carry on with the Venom movie. Venom is not only one of Spider-Man’s biggest threats, he is one of the biggest in the Marvel Universe. He is a murderous beast. Would be a massive mistake, to not let him tear loose. Especially if they are planning to bring in fan favorite, and even more blood thirsty, Carnage.

These are characters taylor made for a mature audience. Stick with it, will not only win over the fans, but the stories will be better, and no risk.


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