Friday The 13th no more!

By Paul Anthony 

I remember back in 2008 when I heard about the reboot of Friday the 13th, I was completely excited, defiantly since the last film Freddy vs Jason was clearly nothing more than a glory low action film and the film before that Jason X was nothing more  than a franchise killer and made no sense and no money. 

 So here we are in 2009 and I saw Jason return to his glory with a few added things that made the character more believable and more stronger. Sure he was extremely big but he was smart, he’s underground tunnels n warning bell systems showed that, he was fast and he didn’t take crap from anyone who trespass in his part of the woods. Also the movie had a story to follow just not random killing of horny young people. A brother trying to find his sister,who has gone missing for a few weeks now, he gets help of from a another group of people visiting the area and that’s when the killings start. In the end the brother and sister reunite n stop Jason or so you think. 

 The reboot made 91 million worldwide n second most only behind Freddy vs Jason. Sure you knew a sequel was on it’s way or so you thought. At first the sequel was coming so they said then the dates were changed and rewrites starting to happen then finally they said they wanted to invest in other genres a few years back. Then it was announced that they would be rebooting the series again and would include Jason mom. We even heard at one point that it was gunna be a found footage movie and explore how he keeps returning. 

 Nothing happen after that but then this time around we started to get even a shooting schedule and casting call but the script wasn’t even done yet and casting wasn’t going well, then insult to injury shooting was just weeks away. Out of the blue the studio announced this week that the film will not be happening, and there a good chance that this time Jason is staying dead,  the studio announced they are once again focusing on other genres since their film Rings was a box office bomb.

 Jason however will remain in the spotlight when the video game comes out unless it too gets the axe but unlike the movie the game was crowdfunded. The fans raised 1.1 million dollars for the game to happen which is the 114th ranked crowdfunded video game of all time. So they will see a 100 percent return profit from that. Maybe then they will reconsider but I highly doubt it. 

With this long delay they may have missed they their chance. It is clear that rebooting the slasher films of the 80s seems to be a difficult task and the studio doesn’t want to invest in the effort to get it right. I am sure one day Jason will be back but not anytime soon, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. 


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