Throwback to Odd Thomas

By Justin Hopkins;
In 2014, Odd Thomas, was released straight to dvd. Which was a shame, because it was not due to it being a bad movie, but because of multiple law suits from production companies, over not being paid. Had it gotten a real theatrical run. Would have killed it in the box office. Besides the fact that this movie, is almost completely like the Dean Koontz book it is based off of ( only missing a few minor details.) Has an excellent story and acting, from the late Anton Yelchin, Allison Timlin, and William Dafoe.
 Anton excels, in bringing Odd Thomas to life. Portraying Odd’s charm and how humble he is. A short order cook, who uses his ability to see the dead and try to bring them to justice. Story centering around him attempting to stop an incoming tragedy.
 Along with his girlfriend Stormy Llewellyn ( Timlin) A relationship that dates back to when they are children and his biggest supporter, and William Dafoe, as Chief Wyatt Porter. Someone who believes in Odd, but has to walk a precarious line in how much he can help at times.
 Rounding out, have to mention the CGI on the Bodachs. Formless creatures, that are drawn to impending catastrophes. Would be easy to have put to much into them. Since they don’t have forms, able to move through even the smallest entrances, and number in the hundreds at one point. However they were done just right, and add greatly to the suspense, without distracting.
 I cannot suggest Odd Thomas more. Whether you love the book, or watch a great movie. The twists and turns leading up to the climactic ending, is a true enjoyment for anyone.


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