Disney Power

By Paul Anthony

2016 is now in the rear view mirror in cinema, we had great films and good films and very horrible films but which studio made the most money and controlled most of the film market?

You can answer that question very easy because the answer is in the title. Yes Disney as a whole had a very good 2016, when you have films like finding Dory and Captain America: Civil War and Rogue One and even the carry over from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Disney ended up making 11 billion in profit and counted for 25 percent of the market.

Let’s take a moment and let that process, that one entertainment company can count for 1 quarter of the market. How did we let this happen? Don’t get me wrong but no means is this exactly a bad thing, when you make 11 billion in profit from movies you’re putting out good films there no question about that, there issues here though however. Disney makes a lot money from merchandise, toys, music and film. this process allowed them to buy other entertainment. They bought Marvel and their fan base and then they bought lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise.

It’s to believe that some of our favorite franchises are own by Disney which makes them more and more money. The scary part is if they made that much in 2016, How much are they going to make in 2017, both Marvel and Star Wars has big films coming out this year, We have Cars 3 and the live action version of Beauty and the Beast. Get ready for the next installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean, which is the fifth film in the franchise.

We may enjoy a lot of their films but I have to be honest a lot of their live action films have the same tone to them, very rarely do they cross that PG-13 rating and if they do its under another banner.

In the end their best movies are ones they basically buy and when they do come up with something new, the first films are good  but it goes down the hill if they make a part two, they recently got on this kick with making live action films of their  great cartoons, i am enjoying by the way.

So where my point at? well in this piece there is no point but the thought occurred to me when I found out that Disney was such a big part of the film market, all their movies they had last year and the money they made, it is crazy to think how much Disney we truly watch!


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